Schlafly Beer. Brewed in St. Louis.

What's Currently On Draft?

Just click these links to see what beer styles are on draft at the Schlafly Tap Room and Schlafly Bottleworks right now!

Fresh Schlafly Beer To Go

Go to the source.

Schlafly beer tastes best when it’s fresh and you can’t get any more fresh than the beer brewed right here at our two breweries.


Visit us at the Schlafly Tap Room or Schlafly Bottleworks and take home a half-gallon growler or two of your favorite Schlafly draft beer. You may purchase growlers of any beer style available on tap at our breweries for $17.00, $20.50 (Special Release Beers), and $20.50 (ciders and meads).

Even better, refills are just $13.50, $17.00 (Special Release Beers), and $17.00 (ciders and meads), so be sure to bring back your empty growlers next time you visit.


Ordering A Keg Of Schlafly Beer Is Easy

Step One: Choose Your Beer Style

Visit the Our Beers section for descriptions of all beers that are available. See what’s currently on draft at the Schlafly Tap Room and Schlafly Bottleworks for a better idea of what may be available. Please note that our seasonal beers are available only while supplies last, and availability of your first choice of beer style is not guaranteed. Make sure to call for style availability as not everything on draft is available in kegs.

In most circumstances, we require at least 48 hours advance notice to fill keg requests.


Step Two: Choose Your Keg Size

We’ve got two keg sizes to choose from:

13.2 Gallon Keg
Equivalent to 105 pints or 140 bottles

Dimensions: 21” x 16”
Lbs empty: 28.5 kegs
Lbs full:
Uses “standard” U.S. Sanke taps
Price: $120, $175 (Special Release Beers)
Deposit: Keg  — $125 |  Tap — $25


5.16 Gallon Keg
Equivalent to 40 pints or 55 bottles

Dimensions: 23.5” x 9.5”
Lbs empty: 14.4
Lbs full: 58
Tap: Uses “standard” U.S. Sanke taps
Price: $60, $85 (Special Release Beers)
Deposit: Keg  — $125 |  Tap — $25




Step Three: Place an Order

After choosing your beer style(s) and keg size(s), select the date and time you would like to pick up your order and decide which Schlafly Brewery you would like to place your order with.  Orders my be placed over the phone or in person. If you require a tap, let us know at the time of ordering.

To order your keg by phone call (314) 241- BEER (2337) and dial extension #1 to order your keg or keglet from The Schlafly Tap Room. Dial extension #2 to place your keg order at Schlafly Bottleworks. Orders must be picked up and returned to the location at which the order was placed.

 We will need a credit card number for your reservation. We do not charge your credit card until you pick-up your keg. Please have your credit card with you at the time of pick-up.


Other Important Information

Your deposit must be secured with a credit card and will be refunded upon return of all equipment in good condition. Repairs to damaged equipment will be deducted from the deposit.

Unless otherwise arranged, each piece of equipment is on loan free of rental charges as follows:

  • Taps — 7 days
  • Kegs — 30 days

Thereafter, it is subject to a $1.00-per-day rental charge payable at the time of return. If equipment is retained beyond 45 days, your credit card will be billed for the deposit and the rental fees incurred. These policies also apply to donated kegs.

Keg Dimensions
Dimensions may vary due to different keg manufacturers, so we’ve attempted to give the maximum dimensions. Dimensions are without taps.

Hand-crafted in small batches