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May 3, 2011

Tales From The Interwebs: What's a Perry?

As Communications Director, most external and internal comments, questions and conversations about Schlafly Beer flow through me. As manager of our website, Facebook Pages and the Twitter account, I’m corresponding with our consumers as well as our employees pretty much all day, every day. Sometimes things get weird. 

Today’s exchange actually began it’s life as a text message I received from one of our bartenders letting me know that something new had just gone on draft at Bottleworks. You see, I’m the fellow who keeps our “What’s On Draft” features up-to-date on our website and iPhone App, so I rely on our bartenders and brewers to help keep me in the loop.

The Text Message went something like this:

“We have Perry. Fermented pear juice. It’s called Perry. It’s not a cider. 7.3% abv.”

This confused me as I’d never heard of a Perry, so I proceeded to email the Bottleworks brewing team asking for help. Here are the responses I received:

O -   Description of Perry:
Cider made exclusively with pears is called Perry. We used a blend of Bosc and Anjou pear juices to make this delicate lighter version of apple cider. Pears and apples are quite similar to one another. Apples and oranges however are another matter. Pears are not as acidic as apples and our Perry will not have the characteristic “zing” in the flavor one is accustomed to in apple ciders.

DS -   It is not a pear cider it is a Perry. The word cider added would mean there is apples involved and is just fermented pear juice.  Hope that helps.

O -   Pear Cider = Pears and Apples living together.
 Perry = Pears all alone, possibly living with their parents.

So there you go.  Now, I and you all, know exactly what a Perry is. A Perry is pears living alone in their parents basement.

As an aside, in a situation like this where our brewers have whipped up something new that isn’t a part of our bottled portfolio, we still have to create a logo to be used on our “Beer Boards” at the Bottleworks. In this particular situation urgency was necessary as the Perry was already available on draft with no signage, so I put my designer hat on and cranked out this little beauty as quickly as possible:


Raymond Burr, star of Perry Mason, proudly displays his giant pear. Head of Schlafly Bottleworks Brewing Operations, James Ottolini said that it looked like Obi-Wan Kenobi had really let himself go.