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June 30, 2011

Schlafly Heads North To Iowa Along The Avenue Of The Saints

kopman-300The travel writer Bill Bryson, when asked where he was from once wrote, “I am from Iowa, someone has to be”.  I was born in St. Louis and I am fortunate to have lived in the north of Scotland and have travelled far and wide but I had never been to Iowa. 

A year ago, my soon to be famous spouse, lawyer and writer Sheena Cook, travelled to Iowa City for a writers workshop.  In a text message she commented that Iowa was pretty cool, except for the speeding ticket collected on Highway 61, the road from St. Louis to Iowa City, also known as the Avenue of the Saints.


Iowa lies within the specified dedicated distribution area (DDA) for Schlafly Beer, which essentially spans a 300 mile radius extending outward from St. Louis, but excluding Chicago (sorry Chicago, it’s not you, it’s us).  Iowa has always been on the radar screen, especially the southeastern portion of the State, but all good things take time. 

We’re now very excited to announce that beginning on August 1st of this year, Schlafly Beer will travel the Avenue of the Saints and Pale Ale, Kolsch, Dry Hopped APA and other year around and seasonal favorites will be available to Schlafly fans in Dubuque, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Davenport (Go River Bandits!), Burlington and the surrounding areas!