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June 30, 2011

Top Fermentation - July 2011


The Monthly Editorial Blog By Schlafly Beer President Tom Schlafly

Over the years I’ve often used the term AR as a proprietary acronym when referring to the alert readers of this column. So, imagine my surprise upon reading in The Wall Street Journal that AR is the way techies typically refer to augmented reality. Upon further investigation (with assistance from I discovered that there are literally hundreds of other ARs out there, ranging from animal rights to automatic rifles to Ancien Regime. So much for my proprietary usage. Incidentally, the article in question was sent to me by my cousin Birch Mullins, who would be another type of AR (astute relative).

Speaking of The Wall Street Journal, I forgot to mention last month that a periodic contributor to the Journal named Martin Morse Wooster was one of the alert readers who sent me a copy of my astute relative Hub Schlafly’s obituary in The Washington Post. Martin also writes for some beer publications and had reviewed my book A New Religion in Mecca, meaning he is yet another type of AR (acute reviewer).

The Washington, DC area is home to many of my astute relatives, including my niece Theresa Schlafly, who works at Georgetown University, my alma mater. Theresa recently reported that she had gone to a nearby emporium called Dixie Liquor to purchase beer for a happy hour for some of her colleagues. Upon checking her ID, the cashier asked if she had anything to do with Schlafly Beer and proceeded to sing our praises. When she shared the story with me I was ecstatic.


Serving thirsty students since 1934

Those who are not Georgetown alumni have no idea what a venerable institution Dixie Liquor is. It has been serving the needs of thirsty students since 1934. When Bill Clinton arrived on campus to start his freshman year back in 1964, Dixie Liquor was celebrating its 30th anniversary. For an alumnus to receive such an encomium from a cashier at Dixie Liquor is an honor roughly comparable to being awarded an honorary degree.

Among the many Georgetown students who have patronized Dixie Liquor over the years are two alumnae who ended up marrying yet another type of AR (adulterous Romeos). I’m referring to Maria Shriver (class of 1977) and Jenny Sullivan (class of 1984), who respectively married Arnold Schwarzenegger (who later became governor of California) and Mark Sanford (who later became governor of South Carolina). Unfortunately for Maria and Jenny, neither Arnold nor Mark was capable of governing a state or his libido.

One of the things Maria, Jenny and I have in common, in addition to our familiarity with Dixie Liquor, is having our names listed in commencement programs that spelled the name of our university correctly. Such is not the case with the class of 2011, whose undergraduate education was approximately 25 times as expensive as mine. I am not making this up.

As can be seen in the image below, the cover of the 2011 commencement program boldly proclaims Georgetown Univeristy [sic].


As a remedy for its blunder, Georgetown sent a letter to the recent graduates and their families telling them to get in touch with the registrar in order to receive a corrected copy of the program if they wanted one. One of the suggested ways of communicating with the registrar was via facsimilie [sic].

As an alternate solution, I would suggest that my alma mater put a few more ARs (in this case alert readers) on its payroll.