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August 8, 2011

1.4 Million Bottles In 3 Days

That is the number of new Schlafly Beer bottles produced by O-I at their glass plant in Lapel, Indiana from July 11th to the 13th, 2011.  The road to this production began back last summer when we began to work on a new contract for our glass bottles and realized that we had an opportunity to add to the overall design of our bottle. 

schlaflypaleWe are very attached to the basic shape of our Schlafly bottles, they work well on our filling line at Schlafly Bottleworks, but we really wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to partner with O-I and their team to design and add some embossed letters to the shoulder of the bottle.  This is a subtle and simple addition, we did not want to change the label designs or overall appearance in a dramatic way.  Knowing that we were entering our 20th year we decided it would be groovy to add “EST 1991” to the bottle. We also found room to add an arc of the “SCHLAFLY” letters to the design.

We know that you honor us with purchases of Schlafly Beer because you like the taste of our beers, and we believe that our beers taste best out of amber bottles. As we move closer to the 20th anniversary, the new bottle will serve as a gentle reminder that our mission has been to do nothing more than brew great beers since 1991.  Thanks to all of our customers for making the past 20 years possible.

The production of glass bottles is very cool so we shot some video to share with you. Special thanks to Laura Church and the entire team at O-I in Lapel for allowing us to visit and take the video.

YouTube Preview Image