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August 16, 2011

See – and Support – Truck Farm

truckfarmstlouis-ghbIn addition to managing the Maplewood Farmers Market, this summer I have been involved in a national project called “Truck Farm”.

Truck Farm is a simple concept with a big impact. It’s a micro-farm built into the bed of a pick-up truck, as well as a documentary film, a piece of public art and an education tool. The goal of Truck Farm is to teach kids (of all ages) about how fun farming and healthy food can be.

tfslucroppedFor St. Louis’ Truck Farm, I have been spending the summer taking the mobile farm on wheels to area summer camps, farmers markets and street fairs. The best part for me has always been seeing kids’ faces light up when you talk to them about growing their own food, especially when you can pick something and let them taste it right there.

truckfarm-e1302749022872-300Wednesday, August 24 will be the Truck Farm’s last visit to the Maplewood Farmers Market for the 2011 season. Take this opportunity to come tour the St. Louis Truck Farm – a converted 1987 Ford F-150 – during the market from 4-7pm. Then stick around to watch the film “Truck Farm” at 7:30pm in the Crown Room at the Bottleworks, followed by a live Skype chat with the film’s director Ian Cheney (King Corn, Big River).

I also hope you can help support the Truck Farm by eating at any St. Louis-area Chipotle on Thursday, August 25 from 11am-8pm. Mention “Truck Farm” and 50% of your bill (before tax) will go to support Truck Farm – St. Louis’ educational programs in 2011 and beyond.

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