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November 10, 2011

Great Moments In Schlafly Marketing History: "Remember Your First Time" Radio Ads

taproom-schlafly-2bToo soon?

With just a few notable exceptions over the last 20 years (I’m looking at you “It’s Just Not Normal” campaign), Schlafly Beer has always handled its marketing and advertising efforts by an in-house “creative team”. This small and sometimes rotating roster (sort of like Menudo) of artsy folks has been entrusted with communicating who we are to the craft beer drinking masses. Over the years, our shoestring budget and DIY approach to marketing has led to some interesting and often goofy results.

When I started with Schlafly Beer back in 2002, one of the very first things I worked on was a summer-long promotion ultimately called “Remember Your First Time.”  The plan was to get folks to send in their stories about their first time drinking Schlafly beer and we would then choose the best stories and ultimately turn them into radio ads (spoiler alert: we never recorded these planned customer based ads). The authors of selected stories would also win “a getaway trip to Herman, Missouri.” Baller.

vicnickoryThe likeness and “voice” of Love Doctor, Vic Nickery was in fact, then Schlafly brewer and current Schlafly sales representative, Nick Vickery. See what we did there? We made Nick…Vic.


To make a long story short, no one in our office had any experience writing copy for radio (or really writing copy for anything), so I offered to take a stab at it. The premise was simple. We created a fictitious Doctor of Love named Vic Nickery. Vic would field calls from people describing “their first time.” The joke being, what would at first sound like a caller’s description of their first sexual encounter, would in fact be…wait for it…descriptions of their first experience drinking Schlafly beer. How funny is that!  Oh, wow. Needless to say, this kind of high-brow, complex comedy was well within my area of expertise and I quickly churned out a script for the first radio ad.

Let me make this perfectly clear. I did not, at any point believe that Schlafly would actually use what I wrote and then produce a quasi-professional radio spot out of it and air it all summer long on local St. Louis radio stations. They did. 

I present to you now, as they originally aired during the summer of 2002, all three Schlafly Beer “Your First Time” radio ads written by the Schlafly “creative team” and voiced by various, generous Schlafly employees. Enjoy.


“Your First Time” Radio Ad #1


“Your First Time” Radio Ad #2


“Your First Time” Radio Ad #3


I know, right?!