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April 2, 2012

Schlafly Titanium, An Ebay Auction For A Great Cause, And The Schlafly Beer April Fool's Video Tradition

titaniumlogoApril Fool’s Day was this past Sunday and that meant that once again, I had the opportunity to dust off the trusty video camera (or in this year’s case, an iPhone) to create a online “commercial” for a new, fake style of Schlafly beer to unleash upon an unsuspecting Internet. 2012 marks the fourth year I have done this, and at this point, for those in on the joke, it’s actually become something of an event that a lot of folks look forward to around here with a good deal of anticipation. It also happens to be something that I have a blast doing.

The concept behind the Schlafly April Fool’s commercial is a pretty simple one. Each year, I come up with an idea for a fake Schlafly beer that somehow ties into a current trend or “product” in the beer industry that I think might be a good candidate for some friendly ribbing and then I film a fake “commercial” for it to share online. The other consistent element of this project over the past four years has been that I write, shoot, and edit the commercial entirely on the final day of March. This means that each year I end up glued to my computer trying to piece the video together up until the stroke of midnight (or sometimes even a couple hours past) in order to release it as early on April Fool’s Day as possible. Producing a video from scratch in a day also means that the final result… looks like it was made in a day, which I feel definitely adds to the “charm”.

Enough yapping, let’s check out some videos…

This year’s video introduced the world to Schlafly Titanium, a beer so rare, only one bottle will ever be produced.

YouTube Preview ImageSchlafly Titanium Commercial

At the same time that I released this video on YouTube, I also started an eBay auction made to look as if the owner of the bottle of Schlafly Titanium was reselling it online. The fine print of the auction went on to clarify that the auction was in fact, very real. The winner would recieve the actual handmade bottle that I created for the video (autographed by none other than Tom Schlafly), as well as $50 gift certificate good for use at either of our breweries, a VIP brewery tour for 10 people of the Schlafly Tap Room and two tickets to our Repeal of Prohibition Beer Festival. What’s especially cool about this auction is that 100% of the proceeds would go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - Gateway Chapter. I’m happy to announce that as the final hammer fell on this unique auction, the final bid sat at a whopping $500! So somebody got some cool Schlafly swag and we helped out a great cause.

As mentioned, Schlafly Titanium isn’t the first fake beer commercial I’ve created for April Fool’s Day. Let’s take a “scroll down” memory lane with a visit from the Ghost of Schlafly April Fool’s Videos Past…

In 2011, Schlafly Beer introduced the world to their patented SWIRLIE Bottles with G.U.L.P. Technology. You’ve never seen this much science in a beer bottle before.

YouTube Preview ImageSchlafly SWIRLIE Bottle With G.U.L.P. Technology Commercial

Schlafly Ultimate 550 took the world by storm in 2010, promising 550 calories and your entire recommended daily allowance of carbs, protein and fat in one incredible new Schlafly Beer.

YouTube Preview ImageSchlafly Ultimate 550 Commercial

And finally, the video that started it all, Schlafly Dry-Hopped APA Lime. It’s the great hoppy taste you’ve come to expect from Schlafly’s American Pale Ale combined with a whole mess of lime flavored liquid. It’s Lime Time!

YouTube Preview ImageSchlafly Dry-Hopped APA Lime Commercial