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April 23, 2012

Olfactory Education Series Coming to Bottleworks Cask Night

Hi folks, today we’re going to talk about hop aromatic recognition and our sense of smell, otherwise known as the olfactory system. When we smell something, there is a complex series of events that take place in our nose and brain, as we process aromatics into electric signals sent to our central nervous system.

bttlglssamericanipaSpeaking of smelling things, let’s talk beer, and specifically Schlafly American IPA. Probably the most hop aromatic beer in the Schlafly catalogue, AIPA is an olfactory stimulant unlike many others. On the days we brew AIPA, I can smell the difference as I walk through Maplewood on my way to take over the brewhouse for the night shift. While brewing AIPA, the aromas are intense and pungent, and it’s my favorite beer to brew because of this.

After fermentation is complete, we dry hop AIPA with a complex blend of 3 of the most aromatic US grown hops: Amarillo, Centennial, and Simcoe. Combined together they create a unique bouquet of aromatics that is the stuff of legends. And that is where the “Olfactory Education Series” will come into play. All draft and bottles of AIPA feature this dry hop blend, but we are going to explore each individual hop via dry hopped casks of AIPA.

At Bottleworks, we feature a Cask Night the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, tapping the firkin at 6:30pm. For the next several cask nights, we will learn about how each individual AIPA hop smells and the impact it has on AIPA. And you can drink the AIPA too.

First up is AIPA dry hopped with Simcoe, this coming Tuesday the 24th. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks as we roll out a Centennial, then an Amarillo, and finally a cask featuring all 3 hops blended together.

Upcoming Bottleworks Cask Nights:

  • April 24th AIPA dry hopped with Simcoe
  • May 8th AIPA dry hopped with Centennial
  • May 22nd AIPA dry hopped with Amarillo
  • June 12th AIPA dry hopped with Amarillo, Centennial and Simcoe

After that, we’ll have a graduation ceremony and diplomas to recognize your olfactory achievements (not really, just kidding).

So join us for the fun, as we yearn to learn about hop aromatics. And remember:

When your nose knows, you win!