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April 28, 2012

How to Declutter Your Home with Schlafly

final03-300The Schlafly Team is known for its annual festivals, and on Saturday, May 26th, The Schlafly Tap Room will host a brand new one centered about a garage sale and pig roast. The event, cleverly titled PORK SHOP, will allow local residents to sell their gently used stuff to festival attendees who can shop, haggle, and hunt for that hidden bargain. At the end of the day, vendors can easily donate anything they have left to Goodwill, whose onsite donation station will take acceptable donations.

Vendors and shoppers alike will enjoy a festival atmosphere complete with Schlafly Beer, a live music lineup from Tower Groove Records, and a roast of a 1/2 dozen whole Missouri pigs.

We hammered out the concept by resurrecting an event from 2008 called the “Schlaf-FLEA Market”, which provided a great service to downtown loft dwellers who maybe always wanted to have a yard sale, but did not have a yard. Still, the event was lacking one more element. Since this event replaces our annual Memorial Day BBQ, the World Pork Steak Championships, the lack of a proper BBQ left a hog-shaped hole in our hearts. So, we agreed to salute the swine by slow cooking a small herd of them.

We are accepting vendors through May 7th, so if you would like to set-up shop on The Schlafly Tap Room parking lot and spend the day hanging out, drinking beer, and selling your stuff, then sign up!

Applications are available online, and a $25 donation to Goodwill is all you need to reserve your 10’ x 10’ spot.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to e-mail me at

schlaflea-marketThe original art for the “Schlaflea Market” by local STL artist, Ryan Frank.