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May 3, 2013

Schlafly Beer and Television Drama Pairings

smiling-young-couple-both-sitting-on-a-sofa-with-a-beer-watching-tvThe next time you settle in the sofa for an hour-long escape into a tv drama, be sure to do it right. Enjoy it with the recommended Schlafly beer. And consider my service suggestions for the full experience.

Downton Abbey – Pale Ale
This classic English session ale is simple, elegant, and balanced. Fit for a lord or a footman, Schlafly Pale Ale is both sweet and bitter at the same time, much like the show’s polite yet scathing British dialogue.
Serve: British tulip pint glass (upstairs) or pewter stein (downstairs)

Mad Men – Single Malt Scottish Ale
The beer for this show needs to be stiff.  But it also needs to be smooth, pensive, and pair well with Lucky Strike cigarettes. Imagine swirling a glass of this beer, aged in Scotch Whisky barrels, while staring out the window of your Madison Avenue high rise corner office.
Serve: Lowball scotch glass. No ice.
Breaking Bad – Summer Lager
This show takes place in New Mexico, and every shot of the oppressive sun-bleached desert makes me crave a cold glass of Summer Lager like a Crankster Gangster needs his go-go rocks. Pairs well with chicken from El Pollo Loco.
Serve: Griffin beaker - 500mL
Battlestar Galactica – Session IPA
Have you seen the new can design? This beer is from the future! It helps that this beer is a session beer, so you can put down one after the other during marathon viewings. I recommend grabbing two of the 6-pack can boxes, so you can pour one out for each of the lost Twelve Colonies.
Serve: Cylon Service

The Wire – Porter
I think of our porter as under appreciated and misunderstood, kind of like the city where The Wire takes place, Baltimore. Craft beer newbies see a porter and think, “oh I don’t like dark beer. It’s so heavy.” But do they realize that a good porter is sweet, mild, and medium-bodied? People hear Baltimore and think, “oh, I don’t like homicide or crack.” Do they realize there is more to Baltimore than crime and crab cakes? Sad that it gets a bad rap from people who have never been there (kind of like St. Louis?).  Indeed.
Serve: Brown Bottle. Paper Bag.
Game of Thrones – Belgian Golden Ale
This show needs a strong ale fit for service at a King’s Landing feast paired with roasted squab with leeks or lamprey pie. At 8% ABV with sweet and spicy flavors, Belgian Golden Ale passes the test, and as a bonus, bottle’s label is adorned with what looks like the Lion of Lannister. Drink up. A Lannister always finishes his beer.
Serve: Horn Goblet
The Walking Dead – Pumpkin Ale
I picked pumpkin ale for two reasons: 1) new seasons of the show always debut around Halloween, when this special release seasonal is on the shelves, and 2) watching crazed fanatics of this beer stockpile cases of it makes me wonder if they are preparing for the zombie apocalypse.
Serve: Camelback. So it’s ready to go when they come for you.

zombies6Crowd before Pumpkin Ale release party at Bottleworks