The Schlafly Beer Employee Blog

June 17, 2013

Leading Schlafly Beer - The Next 20 Years

We started Schlafly Beer with a mission:  To brew better beer and help rebuild our St. Louis Community.  We define better as more flavorful; we exemplify rebuilding community by the two vacant, abandoned buildings that we brought back to life, and in doing so, served as anchors for the rebuilding of the neighborhoods around the Breweries.  Today we brew an ever expanding number of internationally recognized traditional European and new innovative beers styles.  We continue to invest in the two Breweries as we seek to improve the experience for our customers.  We are working on a potential third Brewery in St. Louis, a much larger project that will once again make the statement that Schlafly Beer believes in the future of St. Louis.

To accomplish this mission will not be easy.  We continue to brew beer in very much the same way we did back in 1991.  We purchase malted barley and hops from the same maltsters and hop farmers; we stay true to the culture that we established when we opened the Schlafly Tap Room in 1991.  We have been able to accomplish this because we are led by many of the same people who were here at the beginning, and others have joined us along the way that share the same passion and vision.  The leaders and employees of Schlafly Beer will continue to bring better beer and success for our Community.

Today we are looking for another leader to join our team.  We need someone to lead many of the business functions.  This week, we begin the recruitment process for a hybrid role of CAO/CFO.  Our CAO/CFO will lead Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance, Legal and Properties and work closely with the managers of all areas of the business including production, sales, marketing and restaurants to develop and improve systems and processes.  We are searching for an individual with experience in business systems/processes and finance in a manufacturing/distribution environment; someone with the ability to provide leadership in the areas discussed.  But most importantly, we are seeking someone who believes in our commitment to changing the beer landscape in St. Louis, and in doing so, bringing real change to the St. Louis community.
For more information on the position, please click here.