The Schlafly Beer Employee Blog

August 1, 2013

Is Your Child Our Inaugural Schlafly Baby™?

The Schlafly Tap Room first opened it doors on December 26th, 1991 and by our math that means that somewhere out there, the very first child to have been conceived with some form of involvement from our brewery could be turning 21 as early as this Fall…and we want to find them, recognize them, and make sure their first legal sip of beer is Schlafly Beer.

schlaflybabyIn order to find our very first Schlafly Baby™, we need your help. We need to hear from our earliest St. Louis fans who have also done the math and believe there is a good chance that Schlafly Beer may have, in some small (or big) way helped to set the stage for romance.

Ask yourself this:

  • Did you spend time at the Schlafly Tap Room in its inaugural months back in 1991 and early 1992?
  • Do you have a son or daughter turning 21 years old this Fall or Winter?

Then your child might just be the first Schlafly Baby™.

Email us at with your story and we might just pick your child to be the Inaugural Schlafly Baby™.

Whomever is chosen as our Schlafly Baby™ will be thrown a small birthday party at one of our two restaurants complete with special Schlafly Beer “celebrity” appearances. Additionally, and if possible, our Schlafly Baby™ and their proud parents will be recognized on stage during one of our upcoming Annual Festivals.

By submitting your story, you are giving us permission to publish it, as well as your names, on our website and our social media platforms. Additionally, you should probably get permission from your son or daughter before submitting your story as this could potentially be embarrassing for them, but hopefully they will understand that this is pretty cool and mildly hilarious. DO NOT submit stories with inappropriate or explicit content as we can not publish it and I definitely don’t want to read it. DO NOT submit stories highlighting or glorifying intoxication or over-serving; get creative with your writing and story-telling if you need to. The circumstances surrounding the conception of our Inaugural Schlafly Baby™ do not have to literally involve drinking Schlafly Beer; Schlafly Beer or The Schlafly Tap Room in our opening year simply must play an important or interesting role in the story and the story must be true. Photographs are great! If you have images to submit along with the story, please do. Just remember that by submitting them, you are granting us permission to publish them. Same content rules apply for photos as apply to your stories. If your photos are inappropriate, we can’t publish them…and I definitely don’t want to see them.  The search for our Inaugural Schlafly Baby™ is a completely subjective process and the “winner” will be chosen primarily based upon quality of story, apparent truthfulness of story, and birthdate of the child.  For any additional questions, just email me at the above address.