The Schlafly Beer Employee Blog

August 2, 2013

Love Is A Many Splendored Thing!

995925101515835233333371477054734nHello and welcome to a post about Love. Really, that is all anything amounts to when you get right down to it. Almost anything we do, be it bad or good we do to get Love – such an innocent word. Bo Diddley asked the proverbial question “Who do you love?” Some doubt remains as to whether Bo was quoting the actual Book of Proverbs. Another stellar performer, Nat King Cole crooned in “Nature Boy” that “the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return”. This may help answer the question “why do we love?”.

To continue scampering off into the esoteric, we can take a look at the myriad of topics which arise when one asks “What do you love?” We will follow our hearts, but take our brains along with us since our hearts tend to do some rather foolish things at times. Flipping this around we will look at one specific love of our lives: Schlafly Pumpkin Ale. Whoa! You too? I know it’s getting close to that time again. We are pumping out the Pumpkin and like many things that are close to yours as well as our hearts we want to make sure you are in the know.

Is it just us or does it seem like beers are getting a tendency to creep further and further up? The Pumpkin Ale will be released in the market on August 6th this year! That is crazy! Why? Are Christmas decorations around the corner too? Yes time flies whether you are having fun or not, but here is a bit of info on why such a yummy harvest-time beer is out and about before we have let our swimsuits hang out to dry for the season.

pumpkinYou folks are thirsty! We can’t make enough of this beer and we love you for it! We start brewing this beer in July to build up stocks. We also don’t like to sell old beer, so since it is ready, it is available for those who like to buy it. We also have some other popular beers which take up production resources at this time of year. We are limited on time, space, yeast, tanks, etc., and bringing you all the Pumpkin, Tasmanian IPA, Oktoberfest as well as all the other succulent Schlafly beers requires a bit of a shift in the time space continuum known as the Schlafly Seasonal Release schedule. We’re no Einsteins, but there must be a very long and complicated mathematical equation that explains this. We would happily share it, but let’s not overly complicate the subject of beer, right?

Many lovers of Pumpkin want to know more about their love interest. “What makes me so smitten?” they muse to themselves. Occasionally these Pumpkin Paramours will reach out and inquire as to how we can fit so much tastiness, goodness, and warmth into such a small space. Well, again Einstein probably has a theory about how to fit 10 pounds in a five pound bag, and this could shed some light on how we make a pumpkin beer which tastes so magically delicious. Perhaps the more straight answer comes by telling you that we use lot and lots of malt to pack in the flavor, sweetness and bready character that you might expect when you raise a glass of liquid pumpkin pie to your lips. We also use real spices and add them at the moment where they will give the beer the freshest snap and spice character you might expect from dessert in a glass.

But, we would rather bring this back to the topic of love. Love will keep us together. Love will find a way. Love will show us how Pumpkin Beer is made and why we are so lovestruck. Where do we store love? Is there a limited supply? Will I run out at some point? These sorts of questions lend themselves to love of all types and Schlafly Pumpkin Ale is no exception. The answer is starting August 6th, your old flame is back in town. We highly suggest you get together and catch up over a beer or two.