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November 21, 2013

Coffee Chocolate Blond Ale: A Collaboration with Patric Chocolate, Kaldi's Coffee and Schlafly Beer

coffee-chocolate-blond-aleWhat’s in a name? What matters is the true nature of something and how it satisfies the true sense, taste and flavor of our heart’s desire. Were Juliet Capulet here to imbibe today, she might say “ A beer by any other name would taste as sweet…” Our latest release is a foray into playfulness with several houses; Patric Chocolate, Kaldi’s Coffeeand Schlafly Beer. All three houses got together to discuss some flavors of their respective trades and had an idea. The flavors of dark beers, while complementary can also compete with the flavors of chocolate and coffee used in the recipes. Why not use a beer, light in color but bold in body to pair with the chocolate and coffee? The result is a Golden Ale which has just the right balance of bitterness and sweetness from roasted coffee, cocoa nibs and brewers’ grains. The lighter-colored ale acts more as a stage or a canvas on which the coffee and chocolate can perform.



Alan McClure from Patric Chocolate brought in Fair-Trade-certified, Amelonado cocoa beans from Ghana, and hand-sorted, roasted and winnowed them in small 56-lb batches at Patric Chocolate in Columbia, MO. The flavor of these nibs is one that imparts a bit of rich chocolate flavor with a hint of bitterness akin to what you might find in a dark chocolate truffle. Josh Ferguson and Tyler Zimmer from Kaldi’s Coffee literally travel the world as well to find amazing beans with flavors which will make one prance with vigor. They found a great rich bean in Kenya (Karani) which was roasted at their facility in Saint Louis. Once again, Africa produces some wonderful elements which make life that much sweeter. Deep in the heart of Africa are some pretty amazing flavors and they get to play here on the stage of a Golden Ale brewed by Augie and Brennan at The Schlafly Tap Room.


We have made a small amount of this beer and plan to sell it on premise at our Tap Room downtown as well as at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood when we open our doors at 11 a.m., Friday, November 22nd. Like many beers before it, if you tell us you cannot bear to live without this delectable nectar, don’t be hasty and dash yourself upon the rocks. Nor should you seek a true apothecary and end it all with a kiss as our fair Romeo did so many years back. For Pete’s sake, just send us an e-mail, Tweet or Facebook Message. You can even write us a letter which is like the other three things, but it is made out of a tree. Somehow please let us know and we will continue to awaken the world to savor the finer things such as coffee, chocolate and beer done in a way that focuses on their finer elements.
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