The Schlafly Beer Employee Blog

November 27, 2013

Make Your Own Schlafly Beer Advent Calendar

topperWith the Thanksgiving weekend almost upon us, we thought it might be fun to offer up a simple DIY project you can do while you’re waiting for the turkey to cook. We present to you: Make Your Own Schlafly Beer Advent Calendar. That’s right! Just follow these 6 easy steps and you can turn a regular case of Schlafly Beer into a fun way to count down to Christmas for the whole family (the whole family who are of legal drinking age.) Alright, let’s grab our materials and get ready to put the “Craft” into “Craft Beer”!

Materials Needed:

  1. One Case Schlafly Beer
    Only cases of Schlafly Beer will work with this project. If you attempt to create a Schlafly Beer Advent Calendar with a case of another brand of beer, you will ruin Christmas.
  2. Color Printout of Schlafly Advent Calendar Artwork
    Click .PDF or .JPG to Download Artwork for Printing. Printouts of artwork will be available for free with case purchases at both Schlafly breweries upon request througout the remainder of the month.
  3. Scissors
  4. Tape (or Glue)
  • Feel free to customize your Schlafly Beer Advent Calendar with further flourishes such as bows, wrapping paper, drawings, stickers, beaver pelts, Christmas lights, sparklers, etc. Whatever tickles your fancy.


1Gather your materials. Purchase a case of delicious Schlafly Beer. Download and print out the Schlafly Beer Advent Calendar Artwork. Grab some scissors and tape (or glue).


2Open case of beer and cut away flaps with your scissors.


3Cut out all 24 “calendar date squares” with your scissors.


4Affix “calendar date squares” to tops of exposed beer bottles in numerical order, starting with “1” and working your way to “24”. Use either rolled pieces of tape or glue to affix.


5Stand back and look at what you made, all by yourself. Take three deep breaths and focus on how awesome you are. Now think about how delicious all this beer will taste when you drink it.


6Starting on the morning of December 1st, remove the appropriately numbered bottle (#1) from your Schlafly Beer Advent Calendar and place it in your refridgerator for cooling. At some point later in the day, either consume the chilled beer yourself, share it with a loved one or friend, or make someone else’s day and gift it. Repeat this process every day of the month of December until it is Christmas!