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April 7, 2014

We Are Really Excited For The Return Of Cardinals Baseball

bko6q7icyaasjdejpg-largeThe return of Cardinals Baseball signals the real end of winter here in St. Louis. Seeing the lunch crowd today at The Schlafly Tap Room decked out in their red Cards gear before the home opener was truly a sight for sore eyes. Baseball is back, folks…and we couldn’t be more excited. In fact, we are so excited…we made a list of things we’re excited about! The Internet loves lists, right?

  1. Schlafly Beer Flows Freely At and Around Busch Stadium!
    It wasn’t all that long ago that there was only one section at Busch Stadium that had Schlafly beer and you needed to know the secret password to buy it. Well, times have changed and tastes have changed and now St. Louis baseball fans are lucky enough to not only find Schlafly beer (Pale Ale and Summer Lager) at numerous locations throughout the stadium, but offerings from other local brewers as well. It’s a little known statistical fact that as local beer sales increase at the stadium, so do Cardinals batting averages. This is a real thing, so do your part and don’t let your team down. We also have your “pre” and “post” game beer needs covered around the stadium. Just swing by Paddy O’s, BB’s, Beale on Broadway, J Bucks, Kilroy’s, Broadway Oyster Bar, Caleco’s, Carmine’s, Crowne Plaza, Hilton, Hyatt Regency, Ruth’s Chris, Westin, Flying Saucer, 360, Ballpark Village, or Old Rock House and ask for a Schlafly.
  2. mensbaseballback“Buy Me!”We Get To Dust Off Our Schlafly Baseball T-Shirts!
    Support your local brewery and your favorite ball team at the same time with one of these beauties. We have Mens and Womens versions available for sale and both sport the Schlafly player name and number on the back. That’s right, our “number” is a silhouette of a beer bottle. See what we did there?
  3. Wanna Bet On It?
    Whenever the Cardinals have made it to the post-season in recent years, we have reached out to local breweries in the opposing team’s hometowns to make some friendly wagers (and talk some smack). Given how awesome the Cardinals are…we make a lot of wagers (and talk a lot of smack). Two years ago when the Cardinals took home their 11th World Championship (wow, that feels great to say), we had a bet riding on the Series with Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. out of Fort Worth, TX which resulted in their crew having to don Schlafly gear and drink (gasp!) Schlafly beer outside the Rangers stadium. Last year we had a lot of fun during the World Series with Boston-based breweries, Harpoon and Samuel Adams. While the Birdos didn’t take home the Commissioner’s Trophy again in 2013, we did get to pour a keg of Harpoon over the bar here at the Tap Room and come this August we get to play host to the folks from Samuel Adams who will be visiting the week of the Red Sox/Cards series for a little baseball watching and perhaps even a little collaborative fun in our brewhouse. We can’t wait to see what kind of wagers we’ll get up to this October when the Cardinals once again head to the World Series. When breweries get to betting, everyone wins!
  4. The Real Reason We Don’t Distribute in Chicago!
    For years we described our main distribution area as being “a 300-mile radius around St. Louis, minus Chicago.” As you might imagine, we get asked all the time why we don’t distribute to Chicago and typically we have responded by citing our concerns over not having enough capacity to supply a market as large as Chicago. That’s simply not true. The real reason is Cubs fans. We don’t want Cubs fans to have our beer. How is this admission appropriate for a list spotlighting reasons we’re excited for the return of Cardinals baseball you might ask? Well, the return of Cardinals baseball also brings the return of messing with Cubs fans… yet another time honored pastime favored by Cardinals fans far and wide.
  5. 1557664101521015150383371377336805nHow About Them Blue Notes!
    Do you know what’s better than watching a Cardinals game? Watching a Cardinals game AND a Blues Playoffs hockey game as a double header! Yes, this is a list about reasons we’re excited for the return of the Cardinals…but that doesn’t mean we’re done cheering on our beloved hockey team for the season. You may not be aware of this, but the St. Louis Blues are tearing it up and recently set a new team record for most wins in a season. With Tom Schlafly as part of the Blues new ownership group, it was only a matter of time before our boys finally brought home Lord Stanley’s Cup.