The Schlafly Beer Employee Blog

July 18, 2014

Is This Heaven? No, It's Iowa.

This summer will mark Schlafly Beer’s fourth trip across Iowa via bicycle. For those who might not know, RAGBRAI is the longest, oldest, bike-touring event in the world. It stands for the Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa and while it is no small feat, nothing compares to the amount of joy it brings us.

rag1Not newbies anymore, and certainly not veteran riders by any stretch, we now know what to look for in a week-long bike ride across the surprisingly hilly (the term “mountainous” has been thrown around) state of Iowa. We aren’t talking about the beautiful pillars of smoke on the horizon, rising from the pink school bus of culinary delights that is Mr. Pork Chop. We aren’t talking about the patriotic beauty of seeing the Stars and Stripes hanging from atop a fire truck’s ladder in the distance, signaling relief: that a town is ahead and refreshments await. We’re talking about finding good beer.

Knowing where to find craft beer in small towns throughout Ragbrai can prove difficult, but it’s getting easier every year. This is, no doubt, related to the incredible rise in craft breweries in the region and it’s also (mainly) thanks to Team Good Beer. A group of humble riders doing the Lord’s work: Team Good Beer lets Ragbrai riders know where to find craft beer in EVERY town along the route. Riders can find the team along the bike path and in worthy establishments, in their spandex Lederhosen, spreading the good word of the Beer Guide. In the Guide, riders will find every bar or restaurant along the entire seven day route that has “good beer”.


While we have teamed up with Good Beer this year for obvious reasons (they know where to go and where to drink), we would also like to team up with you, the riders. We will be setting up group rides where Schlafly fans can ride the route together, with us, to discuss the pressing issues of the day: What Farmer Boy’s Breakfast Burrito combination is the best? Who can hear Beekman’s ice cream machines first? And where the good beer can be found for the day.

 We will be riding with Team Good Beer (Monday July 21st – Saturday July 26th) so look for the Lederhosen and Schlafly Jerseys. Speaking of jerseys, we will have some on hand to purchase (at an extremely discounted price) and we will be giving jerseys away at the “Lunch Town” stop on Thursday July 24th. The best way to find us along the route is via Twitter (we’re @Schlafly) using  #SchlaflyRagbrai or simply yell at us along the route.  We will respond to the following: “Hey, Beer Guy”, “Schlafly!!”, or “get out of my way, you’re riding too slow”.

We can’t wait to meet you in Iowa. Be safe and Ride Right.