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October 16, 2014

The St. Louis Brewers Guild Harvest Festival Offers A Chance To Own A Piece Of Schlafly History

stlbg-rft-300x250The St. Louis Brewers Guild is throwing its inaugural Harvest Festival on November 1st in Lafayette Park and it promises to be one heck of a party. This festival has everything: twenty-two local St. Louis breweries pouring a selection of brews made from fresh hops and seasonal ingredients (expect some tried and true classics as well), live music, food trucks, a giant pumpkin, local vendors and entertainers, a special Yoga Buzz session (early entry into the festival for an hour-long yoga class followed by a 15 minute head start on the beer tasting for only a $7 upcharge to your ticket), Furkels, a costume contest, and a silent auction. Tickets are on sale now for both the festival and the festival with the early entry Yoga class at Now…let’s talk about that silent auction for a moment.

The local breweries participating at the St. Louis Brewers Guild Harvest Festival were asked to submit donations to be auctioned off during the event with all proceeds benefitting the Guild (a non-profit). In addition to a neon sign and a couple awesome prize buckets complete with VIP brewery tours, Schlafly Beer is also donating one of our three, cherished, custom-made and heavily used “Beer Bottle Costumes”. This is a big deal, folks. These costumes are a living, breathing piece of Schlafly Beer history… and one of them can be yours if you have the high bid on November 1st.

b0gkk-yicaawobdjpg-largeCreated roughly 5 years ago out of an off-the-shelf generic beer bottle costume from Johnnie Brocks, this particular costume up for auction during Harvest Festival sports a now-dated version of our Hefeweizen logo. It also sports some stains and tears, as you would expect from a Beer Bottle Costume that has been featured at countless events and festivals. The lucky winner will also recieve a pair of padded, heavily soiled 3-finger cartoon gloves. They are a little tricky to drink beer with while you wear them at first, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

You know the phrase, “If this (insert noun) could talk”? Well, if this bottle costume could talk…it would probably sound exactly like Keith Richards. To be clear, we have put some mileage on this thing. We also definitely have not washed it. Ever. This thing has entertained the masses and posed for pictures over the years at HOP in the City, Repeal of Prohibition Beer Festival, Great Taste of the Midwest, Bonnaroo and the list goes on. Take a stroll down memory lane with us, won’t you?

There was that time we marched in a second line style parade with the Funky Butt Brass Band from Pin Up Bowl to Blueberry Hill for Blueberry’s 40th anniversary…and then Hefeweizen stole Funky Butt’s trumpet.


There was Bonnaroo. And yes…the costume still smells like Bonnaroo. Don’t wash it. That’s how you know the costume is authentic.


There was that time we let every single attendee at Loufest wear the costume in a photobooth and then things got weird with Weatherbird. Watch out, he’s handsy!


We’ve crashed Chipotle, a Beer Bloggers Conference, the Riverfront Times “Best Of” Party, and met Santa.


And this happened.


We hope to see you in Lafayette Park supporting St. Louis beer on November 1st at the St. Louis Brewers Guild Heritage Festival. And maybe, just maybe you’ll get lucky and bring home a piece of Schlafly Beer history.