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January 16, 2015

Smoked Porter the Second

 In 1999 we made a special beer in honor of the visit from Pope John Paul II to Saint Louis. The beer was a Smoked Porter made with Beechwood smoked malt, similar to a traditional Baltic Porter in Poland, the Pope’s homeland. It was an exciting time in Saint Louis and the only time we have strayed from our straightforward beer naming structure. “Holy Smoke Papal Porter” became a celebrity in its own right, generating press all over the country and has remained a celebrated beer name within the Schlafly Brewery community. 

Here is a news clip from 1999 about the blessed event.

We have brewed a few Smoked Porters since then, but most have used malt smoked with Cherrywood instead of Beechwood. On Friday January 16th we will release a Smoked Porter, on draft at the Tap Room, reminiscent of the “Holy Smoke Papal Porter” from 1999, brewed with malt smoked with Beechwood.spphoto3-4hw

To the Rauchbier novice, the difference may be slight, but to the smokeaphile, the difference is like night and day. Beechwood gives the beer a definitive smoked meat quality. Smoky bacon notes make this porter a perfect pairing with the infamous Plate of Swine also found at the Tap Room.  A Smoked Porter brewed with Cherrywood, while equally delicious, imparts a sharp campfire quality and a slight cola sweetness.


Today, Friday the 16th we tap a beer whose recipe was born 16 years ago.  If there’s anymore left tomorrow, it’ll be a smoky addition to the Cabin Fever lineup at Bottleworks.


This batch of beer was brewed by our Tap Room Brewer Brian Kippenberger and his brother, Matt.