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April 1, 2015

Top Fermentation - April 2015


The Monthly Editorial Blog By Schlafly Beer Co-Founder Tom Schlafly

Lucy Hamm was born when Roosevelt was president. Theodore. That is not an April Fool’s joke. Back on January 30th she celebrated her 107th birthday, making her older than every president of the United States since Dwight D. Eisenhower and ten years older than Barack Obama’s grandfather.

The United States Constitution has been amended 15 times since Lewis and Clark explored the Louisiana Territory. Twelve of these amendments have occurred during Lucy’s lifetime. The first of these amendments (XVI) probably doesn’t have too big a fan club at this time of year, in that it authorized the federal income tax. Two other amendments would be more popular for respectively expanding the right to vote to women (XIX) and to citizens age 18 or older (XXVI). One of these amendments is unique in constitutional history for having actually curtailed a right historically enjoyed by citizens (XVIII), i.e. the right to drink beer and other alcoholic beverages. A subsequent amendment (XXI) is now widely acclaimed for having repealed this mistake.

To put all of this in perspective, consider that Lucy Hamm celebrated her 21st birthday while Calvin Coolidge was still president. Herbert Hoover had been elected in November of 1928, but had not yet been inaugurated. This was only the second presidential election in American history in which women were allowed to vote. Although Lucy became eligible to vote in January of 1929, she still wasn’t legally allowed to celebrate her 21st birthday with a beer. It would be another four years, specifically on April 7, 1933, before Lucy or any other American could drink beer legally in her own country.

Having recently had the pleasure of meeting Lucy, I can say this was a serious abridgement of her freedom. On more than one occasion she has credited beer for her longevity and has become a Schlafly fan in recent years. I can also say that in our conversation she proved herself to be as alert as any of our most alert readers (ARs). It’s gratifying to know that the salutary effects of Schlafly Beer have contributed to her alertness. In fact, I came away so impressed that I was inspired to compose a verse in her honor:

lucy-hamm-altcropAlert as ever at 107.

Salute to Lucy
When Germany had a Kaiser
And Russia had a Czar,
The Studebaker Electric
Was America’s favorite car.

When China had an Emperor
And Victoria’s son was King,
Heavyweight Tommy Burns
Was boxing’s Lord of the Ring.

Since then there have been wars
From Flanders to Iraq
And nineteen U.S. presidents
From Theodore to Barack.

Lucy’s life has spanned
Five score and seven years.
She’s charming and vivacious
And a connoisseur of beers.

To everyone who’s met her
She is an inspiration.
So, raise a glass to Lucy
And her Greatest Generation..

I should add that good beer isn’t the only key to keeping ARs alert. Another component is the St. Louis Public Library. I mention this because Schlafly Beer is partnering with the Library to produce a special edition Peated Scotch Ale in honor of the Scottish heritage of library benefactor Andrew Carnegie. The official launch of this beer will be at The Schlafly Tap Room on Tuesday, April 7th from 5:30 to 7:30. This is the 82nd anniversary of the repeal of prohibition of beer and is part of the sesquicentennial celebration of the Public Library, which is one of the few local institutions older than Lucy Hamm.