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June 1, 2015

Top Fermentation - June 2015


The Monthly Editorial Blog By Schlafly Beer Co-Founder Tom Schlafly

One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that the alert readers (ARs) of this column are extremely well-connected. It therefore strikes me as completely plausible that some of you might know Hillary Clinton. If you do in fact know Hillary and also know how to get in touch with her, please pass on a very important message: Her high school reunion is coming up. She was in the first graduating class (1965) of Maine South High School in Park Ridge, Illinois, which will be celebrating its 50th reunion this year. Considering that most reunions these days are publicized via email, it occurred to me that Hillary might have inadvertently deleted all the communications from her class reunion committee.

I have no idea whether Hillary has made it to any previous reunions, but this is one she certainly does not want to miss. Why? Because her 50th reunion will be the first one at which Schlafly Beer might be available. To be perfectly honest, I can’t say for sure that her class will be serving Schlafly at its reunion. I actually have no idea. I can, however, say with certainty that Schlafly is now available in the Chicago suburbs. If graduates of Maine South or any other high school in the Chicago area want to serve Schlafly at their reunions, we can make it happen.

Once again Schlafly is going to be served at my college reunion, which will have been held by the time ARs are able to read this column. What makes this reunion (my 45th) different from previous reunions is that there’s now a venue on the Georgetown campus where Schlafly is available all of the time, not just during reunions. I’m referring to the Bulldog Tavern, which opened in 2014. I have to say that having our beer available at my alma mater is one of my proudest achievements as an alumnus… on a par with having a Schlafly neon in the window of Dixie Liquor in Georgetown, which has been serving thirsty students for over 80 years.

The only downside of going to my reunion in Washington, DC was not being able to attend Uncork for a Cause with Matt and Leslee Holliday at The Schlafly Tap Room on May 28th. Guests were able to take home bottles of Holliday Red Lager, a limited-edition beer brewed for Matt and Leslee, with proceeds from the evening going to The Siteman Cancer Center. This is a very worthy cause and I’m pleased that we were able to help out.

schlafly750hollidayredAll Star Lager

Two weeks later, on June 11th, there’s another fundraiser for a great cause that I won’t have to miss. Not only will I be able to attend The Courthouse Steps performance at The Missouri Athletic Club to benefit The MAC Charitable Society for Children, I plan to be on stage and will have written some of the songs. The show is at 7:00 p.m. at the Downtown Clubhouse of the MAC, 405 Washington Ave. For further information and tickets call 314-539-4470.

As many ARs probably now, the MAC has been around for a long time…since 1903. Amazingly, there’s a World War II veteran in Texas who has been around almost as long. Richard Overton, who was born in 1906, still drives and takes care of his yard. He attributes his longevity to drinking whiskey and smoking at least 12 Tampa Sweet cigars per day. If any ARs know Mr. Overton, please tell him that if he ever drops by either The Tap Room or Bottleworks, I’ll happily buy him a pint of beer and glass of whiskey of his choosing. Unfortunately, city and county ordinances prohibit me from allowing him to fire up one of his salubrious cigars.

Speaking of ARs, there are two in particular I’d like to recognize. The first is Gene Kirchherr, Professor Emeritus of Geography at Western Michigan University, who informed me that WMU will soon be offering the nation’s first bachelor of science degree in sustainable brewing. I can only say to Dr. Kirchherr: Too bad such a program wasn’t available when I was looking at colleges 50 years ago. The second AR is Kevin Cahalin, who pointed out a grammatical error on the label of our Oatmeal Stout. I’m pleased to report that the error has since been corrected.

Kevin, it should be noted, is a professional proofreader with a master’s degree, proving that ARs of this publication really are a well-educated bunch of folks. He currently lives in Chicago, where he, like members of Hillary’s high school class, now has access to a wide range of Schlafly products. Another group that will also be able to enjoy Schlafly Beer in Chicago will be the 210,000 fans of The Grateful Dead who will be attending the Dead’s three 50th anniversary concerts at Soldier Field over the Fourth of July weekend. Lots of these Deadheads will be coming from parts of the country where craft beers flourish and Schlafly is not yet available. As connoisseurs of good music and good beer, they’re in for a real treat here in the Midwest.

Many historians date the founding of The Grateful Dead to June 18, 1965, when bassist Phil Lesh joined the group then known as the Warlocks. This was within weeks of Hillary Rodham’s graduation from Maine South and was also the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. As was discussed in this space five years ago, this particular battle is still a very sensitive subject in France. Thus, when Belgium recently announced plans to commemorate the bicentennial with a two-euro coin, the French response was an adamant mais non.

In the twelve years leading up to the Battle of Waterloo the Emperor Napoleon had overrun most of Europe from the Iberian Peninsula to the Volga River. Estimates for the combined number of military and civilian deaths from the Napoleonic wars are as high as 6.5 million. It’s not surprising that citizens of the countries invaded by Napoleon would want to celebrate the end of this carnage and their freedom from foreign domination. In France, however, it’s apparently considered a major faux pas on the part of other Europeans to refer to this historical record. Presumably, the French would like to see it deleted, just like Hillary Clinton’s emails.