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September 19, 2013

The Bridge

In 1991, we bought an abandoned turn of the century building, a 32,000 sq ft building occupying about an acre of land, brought it back to life and opened The Schlafly Tap Room. We chose this location because we wanted to make something happen in a place where everyone, except for a few persistent believers, said it would not work.  We brought to St. Louis traditional European beer styles and the foods that accompany them long before terms like craft beer and gastro pub became part of our day to day lexicon.

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September 3, 2013

Top Fermentation - September 2013

St. Louis and London both have histories of relegating unsavory activities to the opposite sides of the rivers that sustain them (east of the Mississippi and south of the Thames, respectively).  Consider, for example, what The Wall Street Journal wrote about Sauget, Illinois in 2006: “Sauget has embraced some of the less-popular remnants of the industrial Midwest as well as the seamier side of the U.S. service economy. Along with companies that smelt zinc, treat sewage and incinerate toxic waste are a brace of strip clubs, two nightclubs´╗┐…

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