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December 11, 2013

Schlafly Chestnut Mild Ale: A Real "Craft" Beer

Not too long ago our Co-Founder, Dan Kopman found himself at Eataly in New York enjoying a beer brewed with Italian chestnuts and as often happens when enjoying a good pint, Dan got to thinking. As it turns out, Missouri is home to a great deal of the nut trees in the US, including delicious local chestnuts. Dan asked his friend, James Beard Award nominated chef, Gerard Craft if he was interested in working on a beer together. Gerard sourced over 200 lbs. of local chestnuts (some of the sweetest he had ever tasted) from farmer, Brent Fadler in Centralia, MO (pop. 4,000) and he and his crew got to roasting and peeling them…by hand! Gerard and his wife Suzie worked closely with Dan to create a recipe to showcase the locally sourced chestnuts and ultimately decided upon an American twist on an English Mild Ale. All that was left was a fun day in the brewhouse.

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December 2, 2013

Top Fermentation - December 2013

Some alert readers (ARs) may recall my column from May, 2011, in which I wrote:

Pope Alexander VI…distinguished himself in many ways, not least in hosting orgies worthy of some of the most debauched emperors of ancient Rome. One particularly scandalous party, as described by the papal master of ceremonies, took place on Sunday…

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