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February 1, 2018

Top Fermentation - February 2018

For the first time since 1945, Valentine’s Day in 2018  coincides with Ash Wednesday, the first day of the Christian penitential season of Lent.  Easter Sunday, which represents the culmination of Lent, is the most important day of the Christian calendar.  In 2018, again for the first time since 1945, it falls on April Fool’s Day.

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January 1, 2018

Top Fermentation - January 2018

In 1879 Tommy Wilson graduated from The College of New Jersey.  Twenty-three years later, in 1902, Woodrow Wilson was elected President of Princeton University.  Tommy and Woodrow were the same person, just as the college from which he graduated and university of which he later became president were the same institution.  Say what?

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December 1, 2017

Top Fermentation - December 2017

The envelope from the Office of the President of the Missouri Bar looked foreboding.  Before opening it I began to wonder what I could have done to warrant this official communication.  Was I delinquent on my bar dues?  Was there a disciplinary proceeding against me?  After opening it  I realized it was a personal letter from Morry S. Cole, the President of the Missouri Bar, congratulating me on my induction into The Gridiron Hall of Fame (aka Shame) with these words: “It is safe to say you have combined marginal talent with a superior sense of humor to create a nearly-tolerable comedic splash too many times to count.” What a relief!  Not only had I not been disbarred, but the President of the Missouri Bar had actually praised my “marginal talent.”

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November 1, 2017

Top Fermentation - November 2017

November 7th is the 100th anniversary of The October Revolution.  That’s right.  The October Revolution of 1917 actually took place in November.  Alert readers (ARs) who are versed in Russian history will recall that The Great October Socialist Revolution (aka The October Revolution) was an armed insurrection of Bolsheviks led by Vladimir Lenin. This led to the establishment of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic, which eventually became The Soviet Union.

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October 1, 2017

Top Fermentation - October 2017

A few weeks ago Melisande Short-Colomb enrolled as a freshman at Georgetown University, just as I did 51 years ago.  I was 17 years old.  Ms. Short-Colomb is 63.  She stands out among her classmates for reasons beyond the disparity in their respective ages.  She was recently identified as one of the descendants of the 272 slaves who were sold by the Jesuits in 1838 to save Georgetown College from bankruptcy. Like many other institutions Georgetown is now trying to deal with its legacy of slavery. One way of doing so has been granting preferential admission status to the descendants of these 272 slaves.

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September 1, 2017

Top Fermentation - September 2017

Because this is the back-to-school edition of my column, I have a sports trivia question that might challenge even the most alert among the alert readers (ARs) of this column.  What was the first team from the United States to win the Stanley Cup?  Hint: This team won Lord Stanley’s trophy by defeating the defending champion Montreal Canadiens  in 1917. Second hint:  This team was not one of the so-called “original six” teams in the NHL.  Third hint:  This team never played in the NHL.  Say what?

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August 1, 2017

Top Fermentation - August 2017

Fifteen hundred years ago, more or less, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table traveled all over Britain searching for the Holy Grail. Forty years ago, exactly,  Bill Walker and I traveled to the British Isles and embarked on a search of our own.

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July 1, 2017

Top Fermentation - July 2017

I’m not quite sure when I first heard the classic blues song “Good Morning Little School Girl” or whether the version I heard first was recorded by John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters or someone else. Whichever version I heard first, it made a great impression on me when I was a little school boy. At the same time I was also quite taken by Bessie Smith’s lyrics reflecting a female perspective:

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June 1, 2017

Top Fermentation - June 2017

It’s no secret that there’s tremendous discord in Washington, DC these days, with cordial and respectful dialog giving way to acrimonious exchanges and name-calling. I can say this from personal experience.  On the evening of May 1st of this year I had dinner with some alert readers (ARs) of this column at a fine restaurant in the shadow of the newly refurbished Capitol building.  More precisely, we were in an upstairs room at Source, which is operated by Wolfgang Puck and whose only shortcoming is its failure to sell Schlafly Beer.

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May 1, 2017

Top Fermentation - May 2017

April of 2017 marked an historic milestone in the City of St. Louis with the election of Lyda Krewson as the City’s first woman mayor.  She is the fifth mayor since the Schlafly Brewery was founded in 1991. Her four predecessors, in order, were Vincent Schoemehl, Freeman Bosley, Jr., Clarence Harmon and Francis Slay.  Among the other things these gentlemen have in common, each of them appointed me to the Board of The St. Louis Public Library at least once in the past 33 years.

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