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November 1, 2011

Top Fermentation - November 2011

The presidential election is one year away and once again The Beer Drinkers Party has failed to mobilize. It doesn’t even exist. Sadly, this has been the pattern in all five elections in the history of Schlafly Beer, going back to 1992. We always talk about starting´╗┐…

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October 5, 2011

Top Fermentation - October 2011

The Munich Oktoberfest began in September this year, specifically on Saturday, September 17th. Although this world-renowned beer festival named for October has actually started in September for as long as I can remember, such wasn’t always the case. The original Oktoberfest, a celebration of the marriage of …

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August 31, 2011

Top Fermentation - September 2011

This being the back-to-school issue of The Growler, now is as good a time as any to recognize an order of nuns who have played a major role in educating women and girls all over the world for over two centuries. I’m referring to The Society of the Sacred Heart, which was founded´╗┐…

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August 1, 2011

Top Fermentation - August 2011

Starting a business and running for political office have something in common. Both often involve taking on a significant amount of debt. That said, there’s an important difference. Politicians have ways…

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June 30, 2011

Top Fermentation - July 2011

Over the years I’ve often used the term AR as a proprietary acronym when referring to the alert readers of this column. So, imagine my surprise upon reading in The Wall Street Journal that AR is the way techies typically refer to augmented reality. Upon further investigation (with assistance from I discovered that there are literally hundreds of other ARs out there, ranging from animal rights to…

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June 1, 2011

Top Fermentation - June 2011

“So, where did you go to high school?”  There’s no other linguistic trait that defines St. Louisans as much as our propensity to ask this question. The second part of the inquiry, which invariably follows, is:  “So, when did you graduate?”  Despite the increasing frequency of…

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May 1, 2011

Top Fermentation - May 2011

Some alert readers (ARs) may have been as surprised as I was to read about the file the FBI maintained on Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts. According to the FBI file, in 1961 Kennedy…

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April 4, 2011

Top Fermentation - April 2011

Despite having met Prince Charles in 1977, as was reported in this space last month, I was not invited to the wedding of his son William and Kate Middleton on April 29th. I therefore don’t have to worry…

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February 28, 2011

Top Fermentation - March 2011

Alert Readers (ARs) who are devotees of astrology may be interested to know that the zodiac signs that are popular today are not the same as they were when the system was developed by ancient Babylonians, at least according to the Minnesota Planetarium Society. As a result, I cannot rightfully claim Prince Charles of Britain as a fellow Scorpio from 1948. When I was born (October 28) the sun was in fact in the house of the constellation…

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February 2, 2011

Top Fermentation - February 2011

One of the highlights of Richard Nixon’s presidency was his trip to China in February of 1972.  While there he met with Prime Minister Chou En Lai in the walled garden of the Forbidden City.  In the course of their conversation he asked Chou, “What do you think was the impact of the French Revolution?”  After reflecting for a moment the prime minister replied, “It’s too soon to tell.” He made this comment shortly after…

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