Schlafly Beer. Brewed in St. Louis.
  • Hefeweizen

    Our Hefeweizen is a light, unfiltered wheat beer, often served with a wedge of lemon.
  • Kölsch

    Our Kölsch is a classic golden ale that uses a centuries old yeast strain sourced from a famous Kölsch brewer in Köln, Germany.
  • Oatmeal Stout

    Our Oatmeal Stout is a classic British-style stout brewed with flaked oatmeal and roasted barley.
  • Pale Ale

    Our flagship Pale Ale is a smooth, balanced, copper-colored session beer with mildly spiced flavor and aroma from the East Kent Goldings hops.
  • Grapefruit IPA

    Fresh grapefruit purée and American hops create a brisk, approachable IPA with layers of refreshingly tart aromas.
  • White Lager

    A lager with a cloudy golden-colored hue and just the right hop dosing. This rare style (Zwickel or Keller) dates back to the Middle Ages, where the beer was matured in deep vaults and emerged rich in vitamins. Think of this as a fresher, hoppier, Hefeweizen. 

  • Dry-Hopped APA

    Our award-winning APA is a twist on an English classic. It’s charged with American hops and made to create a bold, balanced beer with pine/citrus aroma characteristics and a full body. The circulation process boost the destinctive flavor and hop profile.

  • Pumpkin Ale

    Our Pumpkin Ale blends the spices of the harvest with full-bodied sweetness for a beer that tastes like pumpkin pie.
  • Caraway IPA

    The elegance of toasted Caraway provides earthy, licorice-like flavors that balance well with the strengh of Chinook and Cascade hops: carmel and rye malts add a strong, sweet-malty character, all combining to present a harmonious union.

  • Pilsner

    While on the lighter side, this exceptional example of a traditional pilsner is still rich in flavor with a medium-bodied malt character evened out by earthy aroumas, hop bitterness, and an  invigorationg crisp finish.

  • Dry Hopped Cider

    Brewed with apple juice concentrate, yeast, Ella hops and water. Our refreshing cider is as authentic as it comes, striking the balance of sweet and dry crispness with a hint of tartness. 

  • Pumpkin Stout

    It all started with an attempt to prolong the supply of Pumpkin Ale by blending it with Oatmeal Stout. It quickly turned into a legitimate brew. It dark profile has a less aggressive pumpkin character than our ale, but still offers a smooth, roasted sweetness with autumn spices.

  • Blackberry Cider

    This specialty cider is fermented with blackberry juice concentrate rather than a puree or juice. The color is mesmerizing, and the sweet, tart, full flavor of the fruit will have you coming back for more.

  • Weissbier

    While the flavors of this unfiltered German-style Weissbier are distinct, they are not too assertive. Heavy on wheat, malt and barley for appropriate sweetness, but low on hoppiness, the real focus is on the particular yeast strain we use for subtle aromas of clove and banana. 

  • Common

    This “steam-beer” or California Common” style uses a lager yeast strain but is fermented at warmer temperatures traditionally used for ales. This allows for an unexpectedly smooth but hoppy and malty amber colored ale with distinct piney aromas.


  • Double IPA

    A noticeable boost to our tastfully bold IPA amplifies this beer all around - from it’s IBUs to it’s ABV - and gives you reason to embrace it’s strengh. If you love hops, you’ll love this beer twice as much. 

Schlafly Bottleworks

10am—10pm (Brunch ‘til 2pm)
Restaurant until 9pm

Monday & Tuesday
Restaurant until 10pm

Wednesday & Thursday
Restaurant until 10pm

Restaurant until 11pm


10am-midnight (Brunch ‘til 2pm)

Restaurant until 11pm

The restaurant accepts reservations of 25 or less for all hours of business, except for Friday and Saturday after 5:00 p.m and during Beer Festivals. All reservations are forfeit if your party has not arrived by 15 minutes after your scheduled reservation.

We accept all major credit cards. Sorry, no personal checks. No separate checks, but multiple payments are accepted. Cake fee, $2 per person. Corkage fee, $12.

Hand-crafted in small batches