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Fig Tree Growing Class
Schlafly Bottleworks
7260 Southwest Ave. (at Manchester) Maplewood, MO 63143 314-241-BEER x2

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figsDo you want to learn how to grow fig trees at your home
or apartment in St. Louis? Fig trees are amenable to
growing in urban or rural environments: they can be
pruned and kept in a pot or a small yard, or they will
grow into large trees if given space to spread out.

Ivan Stoilov has been refining methods growing figs at
his farm in Dittmer, Missouri for over 10 years. One
of the tasty treats of the summer farmers’ markets is
fresh figs from Ivan’s Fig Farm. On February 5th he’ll
teach a class about successful fig growing practices.

Fig trees are not cold-tolerant, and special methods
are required to grow figs in Missouri/Illinois climates.
Ivan will show pictures of his farm, discuss fig growing
and picking techniques, and have a question-answer session.
Each participant will receive a small, well-established
fig tree, ready to produce bountiful figs this summer.
We’ll also share several delicious recipe ideas for how
to enjoy your figs.

Two people from one household may come together for
a single class fee, but each household will only receive
1 tree.

Cost: $45 per household, includes 1 fig tree (produce this summer)
Additional trees may be purchased at the class if desired.

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