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Renewable Energy Seminar Series
Schlafly Bottleworks
7260 Southwest Ave. (at Manchester) Maplewood, MO 63143 314-241-BEER x2

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Microgrid is offering this series of seminars in an effort to raise awareness and increase knowledge about renewable energy in the St. Louis area. The seminars will not be pitches for the company or its services, although we certainly hope to benefit indirectly from having our company name associated with this series. 

In Depth Information & Answers to Questions

Description: The latest information on renewable technologies, costs, benefits, the state of the industry, etc. with details tailored to fit particular sectors. Relaxed setting, with appetizers, cash bar.


Cost: Free

Dates & Topics


June 28 - Solar for Residential Architects & Builders

Homebuilders are increasingly incorporating green elements into their homes, in response to customer demand, and as a marketing differentiator. Solar is one of the least understood of the green elements that can be utilized. This seminar will focus on Solar PV and Thermal  for homes, including design requirements, incentives, cost/financing options, benefits, and technology options.

Who should attend? – Architects and Builders with a residential focus.

July 26 – Renewable Energy for Higher Education

Higher Education Institutions have shown leadership on renewable energy, across the nation; but the structuring of the available incentives can make it a challenge to make renewables projects feasible. We will discuss a number of strategies that can be employed that make it possible to achieve affordability (even zero cost!) for Higher Ed to invest in renewable energy.

Who should attend? – Higher education institution sustainability officers or team members, facility managers, students, contractors with higher ed projects, etc.


Details on content for each seminar at

Download the Renewable Energy Seminar Series Flyer


Time: 4:00 – 6:00 PM 
Networking at 4:00 PM
Presentation at 4:30 PM

Registration: or call 314.657.0955


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