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The Schlafly Tap Room
2100 Locust St. (at 21st) St. Louis, MO 63103 314-241-BEER x1

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We’ve really gone and done it this time!


Darin Grayis best known as Jim O’Rourke’s go-to bassist for nearly 20 years, as half of the duo On Fillmore (with Glenn Kotche of Wilco), and as the bassist for Grand Ulena, Dazzling Killmen, Yona-Kit (with K.K. Null, Thymme Jones, & Jim O’Rourke), Akira Sakata & Chikamorachi, You Fantastic!, and Brise-Glace. 

As an improviser he has performed and recorded with among others: Loren Connors, Bill Horist, Tim Barnes, Chris Corsano, Masami Akita (Merzbow), Joshua Abrams, Nels Cline, Michael Zerang, Dave Rempis, Rafael Toral, Akira Sakata, Dave Stone, Yosuke, Tatsuya Yoshida, Michiyo Yagi, Alan Wilkinson,  Jason Roebke, Axel Dorner, Kevin Drumm, Alan Licht, Rob Mazurek,  Gene Coleman, Glenn Kotche, Weasel Walter, Steve Dalachinsky,  Thollem Mcdonas, and Jim O’Rourke, Ikue Mori, Illusion of Safety, Mars Williams, Brian Labysz, Jason Soliday,  among many others. 

As a session bassist he has played on recordings by & performed live with Will Oldham, Cheer-Accident, Rope, Yoshimi P-We, Bobby Conn, Daneilson Family, Domenico Lancellotti (from the Brazilian band +2),  Early Day Miners, Bunnygrunt, Jim O’Rourke, etc… 

He has toured extensively in the United States, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Russia, and Europe.

HORIST has established himself as a noted improviser/performer along the West Coast and beyond. He has performed and/or recorded with Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz, KK Null, Trey Gunn(King Crimson), Chris Cutler, William Hooker, Eugene Chadbourne, Tatsuya Yoshida(Ruins), Climax Golden Twins, Haco, Illusion of Safety, Saadet Tuerkoez, Michael Bisio, Jack Wright, Amy Denio, Uchihashi Kazuhisa, Steve Fisk, Lesli Dalaba, Paul Hoskin, Thomas Dimuzio, Wally Shoup, Jessica Lurie, Shazaad Ismaily, Mason Jones, Jeff Grienke and Tucker Martine among others.

Horist has toured and recorded with a number of bands including Nobodaddy, Phineas Gage, Axolotl, UnFolkUs, Ghidra, Zahir and Tablet. Currently he plays with and composes for the frenetic instrumental fringe rock trio, Nervewheel. Nervewheel continues to tour, and has enjoyed stints with Pere Ubu, Ruins and Master Musicians of Jajouka among others.

As a solo artist, Bill’s improvised, prepared guitar work is informed by Hans Reichel, Fred Frith, and Henry Kaiser, but shows a unique style and personality. He has received critical praise internationally from periodiacals including The Wire and Alternative Press.

Gray says of the duo: “We are both doing a Treated/Prepared approach.   Him on an electric guitar, me on an electric bass.  Bill and I have both developed unique (and incredibly similar) languages…The fact that we had developed such similar languages unbeknownst to each other, have nearly identical backgrounds in Free Jazz, Free Improvisation, Progressive and weirdo rock, etc… was such a welcoming thing to us both.      We are doing a one week tour with the St. Louis show starting us off.   We are also recording a duo album here in town during this time.”

LARVA will be performing solo experimental electronics to open the show at 9 pm.


GHOST ICE is JEREMY KANNAPELL, a prolific promoter and performer all over St. Louis, including his post at New Music Circle.  He is likely to feature stereo-panning, analog synthesis, signal processing, rhythmic beats and vocal cut-ups.

He will perform with Matt Erickson, who performs under Radiant Husk and just moved here from San Francisco - plays violin and tapes.

Kannapell said, “sounds like Tony Conrad meets Aaron Dilloway or something, it’s real good. Anyways we will collab / play to some 8mm films I worked on ( about 20 or so minutes ).”



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