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Blueberry Hill 40th Anniversary Kick-Off Party
Blueberry Hill
6504 Delmar Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63130

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blueThis Friday, September 7th, Schlafly will get the honor of participating in the 40th Birthday Party for Blueberry Hill.


The festivities will include, but not be limited to:


  • A “Second Line” type parade down the sidewalks of Delmar with St Louis’ own Funky Butt Brass Band (FBBB will continue to play at BH until 7:30)!
  • A special cask of Blueberry Hefeweizen on a cradle will be carried with the parade for tapping on the bar at Blueberry Hill!
  • Custom made balloons designed just for this party (that’s how we know we’ve hit the big time - custom balloons)!
  • An opportunity to talk to, and drink beer with, members of the Schlafly Beer sales and marketing department!
As far as being there for the parade, please join us at Pin-Up Bowl anytime between 4-5:30 for a pre-parade pint (or three).  We are planning to start on the sidewalk in front of Pin-up Bowl at 5:30, progress west down sidewalk, cross Delmar at Skinker, and continue west down sidewalk to Blueberry Hill. The cask will be tapped shortly after arrival, and the drinking of delicious beer will resume.


blueberryArtist interpretation of our Blueberry Hefe Parade.


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