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RFT Music Showcase 2013
11th Street and Washington Avenue in St.Louis, MO.

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rft The 2013 RFT Music Showcase will feature 80 local bands in an all-day festival on Saturday, June 1. The showcase takes place along Washington Avenue (between 9th and 14th streets) inside ten participating bars, and a $10 wristband grants all-day access to each of these venues. Music starts at 2 p.m. and continues through 3 a.m. A free outdoor stage at 10th and Washington will host live music and vendor booths from 2 to 6 p.m.


Confirmed Acts! Please stay tuned for a complete line up with times!
Alpha Brewing Company
3 p.m. Ben Bedford
4 p.m Zak Marmalefsky
5 p.m. Fred Friction
6 p.m. Jump Starts

Copia Restaurant & Wine Garden
4 p.m. Via Dove
5 p.m. Lamar Harris
6 p.m. The Educated Guess
7 p.m. The Jungle Fire
8 p.m. Theresa Payne
10 p.m. Pretty Little Empire
11 p.m Dots Not Feathers
12 a.m. Palace

The Dubliner
7 p.m. The Hobosexuals
8 p.m. Old Capital Square Dance Club
9 p.m. Prairie Rehab
10 p.m. Indian Blanket
11 p.m. Scarlet Tanager
12 p.m. Arthur & the Librarian
1 a.m. The VCRs

Flamingo Bowl
4 p.m. Eric Hall
5 p.m. CaveofswordS
6 p.m. Brett Gretzky
7 p.m. DJ Mahf
8 p.m. Franco-Hill
9 p.m. Black James
10 p.m. Adult Fur

Hair of the Dog
6 p.m. Cathedral Fever
7 p.m. Black Panties
8 p.m. Little Big Bangs
9 p.m. Pink Sock
10 p.m. Catholic Guilt
11 p.m. Anodes
12 a.m. Sine Nomine

Lucas Park Grille
5 p.m. Town Cars
7 p.m. Middle Class Fashion
9 p.m. The Reverbs
10 p.m. 18andCounting

Outdoor Stage
2 p.m. Big Brother Thunder and the Master Blasters
3 p.m. Tok
4 p.m. Demonlover
5 p.m. Capone
6 p.m. Dance Floor Riot

The Over/Under Bar and Grill
7 p.m. Jeremiah Johnson
8 p.m. The Bottoms Up Blues Gang
9 p.m. Troubadour Dali
10 p.m. Bear Hive

Rosalita’s Cantina
4 p.m. Acorns to Oaks
6 p.m. Sleepy Kitty
8 p.m. Aquitaine

The Side Bar
7 p.m. Fumer
8 p.m. Foxing
9 p.m. The Union Electric
10 p.m. Bruiser Queen
11 p.m. Tight Pants Syndrome
12 a.m. Volcanoes
1 a.m. Bug Chaser

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