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Wrong Division is a radio show on KDHX 88.1 FM in St. Louis. Visit for more on the radio station. Wrong Division airs weekly on Thursday evening/Friday morning from 1 AM - 3 AM. Beginning as “Spazztick Radio” in August 2008, Wrong Division will celebrate its fifth year as a staple of experimental music, abrasive punk and weirdo hardcore with a show featuring frequently spun bands and artists. Any regular listeners of the show should know a few of these bands.

In late 2010, Mabel and Joe of Wrong Division started a companion blog located at

The blog has since been a resource for off-the-radar shows happening in and around south St. Louis, featuring non-conventional venues as well as beloved dive bars.

AHLEUCHATISTAS are an instrumental math rock duo formed in Asheville, North Carolina in November 2002 combining noise, African music, ambient/drone, psychedelia, Chinese traditional music, garage rock, minimalism, classical music, and electronica.
pronounced “AH-LOO-CHA-TEES-TAS”, is a portmanteau of “Ah-Leu-Cha”, the Charlie Parker song, and “Zapatistas”, the Mexican revolutionary movement

YOWIE Coming no less than eight years after their debut LP, the second full length release from St. Louis’ sideways metaphysical “new math” rock outfit Yowie has been released. “Damning With Faint Praise” surpasses the girth and intensity of their debut, “Cryptooology”, an album that few have learned to decipher (or pronounce).
Utilizing just two guitars and drums, “Damning with Faint Praise” finds Yowie shredding through an array of gravity defying multidimensional shifting structures, while maintaining cohesion, and even, yes, grooves. Yowie’s Christopher Trull was honored with the Riverfront Times’ Best Guitarist Award of 2012. The other two guys was robbed.

GNARWHAL is a two piece brain bender. Guitar and drums interlope in unholy matrimony, spitting out disgusting little math rock babies. Tyler Coburn is one of the best drummers around, mixing the raw power of Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt) with the intuitive and poly-rhythmic fervor of Zach Hill (Hella). Chappy Hull screams through the guitar strings, molding unnerving melody atop fierce and distinct songs.

The above three were active bands we played most on the radio show in 2012. The opening band below is a local group that includes members of many other St. Louis bands we’ve featured on the show in the past. While Ahleuchatistas, Yowie and Gnarwhal all celebrate the past and present, Good Luck At The Hog Slaughter represents the future.

GOOD LUCK AT THE HOG SLAUGHTER Jim Fitzpatrick leads with bright, angular guitar and throaty vocals. The lyrics read like poetry while six-strings complement with melodic upheaval. Good Luck At The Hog Slaughter plays on nostalgia by recalling bands like Pavement and Fugazi. Drummer Chris Gorka tears through the kit, moving from powered jazz to twitchy punk. Every member does their fair share of heavy lifting as each song moves in flux through heady sections. Punchy bass keeps the affair grounded with solid rhythm, and works as an extension of Gorka’s percussion. Good Luck At The Hog Slaughter reaches for a middle-ground between progressive rock and punk, and thankfully grips their songs with tight precision.

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