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The Schlafly Tap Room
2100 Locust St. (at 21st) St. Louis, MO 63103 314-241-BEER x1

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NATHAN COOK combines electronic, acoustic, and playback sounds. Since arriving in St. Louis in 2008, Cook has become one of St. Louis’s most prolific artists on the underground experimental scene. 
KEVIN HARRIS uses analog synthesizers to create textural auras, both in solo and collaborative formats, while using video projections with live feedback to create enthralling visuals.
JOHN TAMM-BUCKLE was born in Stockholm, Sweden. He spent his childhood years living in Norway, Denmark and England. John has been living in St Louis, MO since 1997, and has been active in the local improv and noise communities. His first commissioned work, Dronning Maud Land for ice and electronics, was performed in March 2010 for the St Louis New Music Circle.
CHARLES EVANS (spoken word) is a writer, filmmaker, and spoken word performer who has been operating for an indeterminate amount of time in and around the area which humans call St. Louis. He has been afraid of Ebola since 1994.
BRITCHES “formed in mid-2009 and recently released a demo called, er, Demo. The death sweats of early Sonic Youth and Xiu Xiu’s skeletal noise sculptures are a starting touchstone, but the trio skillfully uses silence and restraint to magnify the dread of its chaotic moments. The best of the new songs is “White Noise,” a greyscale pastiche of beauty and horror: chiming melodies and grandfather-clock percussion devolve into marching stomps, macabre chants and gravel-embedded-in-knee riffs.”

UNDERCURRENT is a monthly show series by
Wrong Division, featuring punk, experimental and whatever else we want. Each show is recorded live and put on cassette tape by the Paradoxal Pterodactyl podcast group So, if you come to this show, you’ll get a free cassette tape with music from the October UNDERCURRENT which featured 
DAVE STONE”s group of free-jazz improvisers for a one-time performance. 

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