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The Schlafly Tap Room
2100 Locust St. (at 21st) St. Louis, MO 63103 314-241-BEER x1

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armeniangenocideACCELERANDO is fronted by guitarist and singer, Mark Stephens, formerly of THE BOORAYS and HIGHWAY MATRONS. The group is part of the Tower Groove Records collective. Their “Fireflies” is on the compilation.

DUGOUT CANOE is an old-time band led by fiddle master Geoffrey Seitz. They go on at 10 in the p.m.
POETRY SCORES will premiere a new work “Grandchildren of Genocide” at The Schlafly Tap Room at 10 p.m. on Saturday, November 21. Old Time stalwarts Dugout Canoe will open at 9 p.m., and indie rockers Accelerando will close at 11 p.m. It is a free show. 

“Grandchildren of Genocide” is a new score of modern poetry from Armenia co-produced by Robert Goetz and Chris King to coincide with the centennial of the 1915 onset of attempted genocide of the Armenians by the Ottoman Empire.

Composers of the scores include Goetz, King, Nick Barbieri, Steve Carosello, Marc Chechik, David Melson, Ann Hirschfeld, Sherman S Sherman and Mark Stephens. The composers will perform the scores live with a little help from their friends.

Poets scored include Christopher Atamian, Peter Balakian, Gregory Djanikian, Adrian Oproiu, Marine Petrossian (self-translated from the Armenian) and Alan Semerdjian. The poets have all endorsed the project, including co-publication of the resulting songs through Hollywood Recording Studio.

Robert Goetz brought the project to Poetry Scores in an effort to honor a dear Armenian friend, the artist Gina Alvarez. It so happens Chris King, Poetry Scores co-founder, had a best friend from high school, Monica Fanning, who was part of a large Armenian family in Granite City, the Takmaijans. You could say their hearts are in it.

Robert started learning about Armenia out of love for an Armenian, but he came to focus on the attempted genocide as a subject by reading “The Black Dog Fate” by Peter Balakian — remarkably one of the poets who ended up contributing work for the project when Chris pitched him blindly. Peter then suggested we invite the poet Gregory Djanikian, who came aboard as well.

Poetry Scores owes a special thanks to another one of the poets, Christopher Atamian of New York. Contacted out of the blue on the recommendation of a mutual friend, the translator Susan Bernofsky, Christopher contributed poems by himself and his friend Alan Semerdjian. Alan’s poem “Grandchildren of Genocide” provided the evocative title for the score.

Susan Bernofsky also put the producers on the trail to the other two participating poets, Marine Petrossian and Adrian Oproiu, who had work in Armenian Rhapsody, an online publication that Susan suggested as a resource. Poetry Scores now plans a separate projected devoted entirely to the work of Marine Petrossian. 

As for Adrian Oproiu, he is the one featured poet not of Armenian descent, but he liked the idea and agreed with

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