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BRUXISM #17 feat. - NYFOLT - .e - JAKE LEECH
The Schlafly Tap Room
2100 Locust St. (at 21st) St. Louis, MO 63103 314-241-BEER x1

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NYFOLT is the Afrofuturism meets Cyberpunk experimental sound/performance project of Philadelphia-based poet, painter, and experimental musician JoAnn J. McNeil and local sound artist NNN Cook. This is an excerpt from the Nyfolt Manifesto: “We are fed up with divisive rhetoric / actions and are seeking communion. Together, through our art, we explore themes of futurism relating to personal identity and working against the isolating effects of racial politics and social stratification. The genesis of our sound is the coalescing of our individual psychosocial topographies. The nexus is our shared interest in the aether and soul that transcends the shell / vessel of the self. The synthesis stems from the earthly / universal commonality of being human. Humanism is our catalyst against marginalizing and alienating ideologies. Earth is our home. Transhumanism aids in our understanding of how to use technology and electricity to diffuse our art effectively. We are investigating immateriality and the metaphysical that at times is indifferent to the flesh.” — Nyfolt (JoAnn J. McNeil & NNN Cook, 2015)
Read about their performance at the Afrofuturism Now! festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands from October 2015:
Listen: | Read the whole Nyfolt

.e —“If you’ve thought of Dottie Georges as an experimental artist, you only know part of the story — those off-kilter impulses are most often deployed in the service of her rock- and pop-indebted music. Of course, if you’ve thought about Dottie Georges at all in the past few years, you are already in the know: The one-woman band known as .e had a fruitful start to the decade, but she’s been mostly quiet these past few years, save for a few stray digital missives. Her debut full-length, Of Crashing Symbols, puts an end to that long dormant period. Serving as an introduction for some and a welcome reminder for others, the record stands to be an epiphany for many who fall under the confident, if unassuming, sway of Georges’ shifting compositions and feathery vocals. The electric guitar is her weapon of choice, and she can use it to paint her songs with moody, shoegaze-inspired strokes. But she’s equally adept at synthesis and programming, and even the most spare of these nine tracks sizzles with electronic pulses and synaptic shimmers.” — Christian Schaeffer (RFT)

JAKE LEECH —“Incorporating gentle swirls of guitar notes and a sense of unexpected progression, it sounds as though it could be heard pouring out from some dark corner of some dead-end road. There are things hidden in that hiss and the soft cacophony of notes and gentle electronics. And they are just waiting for you to let your guard down. This isn’t some distortion heavy trudge through the city at night but rather a subtle examination of what can happen in those places and the resulting emotional fallout which inevitably follows.” - Beats Per Minute

DJ: Spool
Bruxism is a monthly concert series presented by Close/Far Recordings of mostly local sound art, improvisation, noise, 
jazz, electronic & electroacoustic music on the last Thursday of the month at Schlafly Tap Room. All concerts will 
feature free cassettes, prints, and/or zines.”

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