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The Schlafly Tap Room
2100 Locust St. (at 21st) St. Louis, MO 63103 314-241-BEER x1

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Solo and collaborative sets by some of STL’s finest names in experimental music: 
9:10pm - Larva / Ghost Ice duo (on the floor)
9:40 - Chris Trull solo (on stage)
10:10 - Kingston Family Singers 
+ DJ TBA …+ other surprise giveaways. 
Chris Trull - solo guitar set
“Guitarist Christopher Trull possesses the rare trifecta of unparallelled technique, endless creativity and excellent taste. He respects the instrument without succumbing to its pitfalls and pushes its sonic capabilities without the aid of effects. In Yowie, Trull’s interpretation makes the band’s fragmented rhythms sound like melting images in a Dali landscape rather than variables in a math equation. With Christopher Trull out of the practice room and onto the stage (or stage-like area of floor), St. Louis gets to dust off and display one of its most obscure trophies.” - RFT

Kingston Family Singers - electronics/video
“The Kingston Family Singers are a multi-genre music collective based out of Belleville, IL. Past endeavours include coloring books, CDs, CD-rs, a multiformat boxed set, DVD productions, disc jockeying, trivia nights, 3D designs, analog photography, commissioned artworks, flyers, etc. Future plans include feature filmmaking/script writing, novels, scientific/pseudoscientific journals, massive scale art pieces, cassettes, etc. “

Ghost Ice / Larva - electronic duo
“Jeremy Kannapell’s contributions to the St. Louis music scene extend far beyond his increasingly frequent live performances. In his words, he has become a “coordinator” — not a booker or promoter — for all manner of experimental shows, whether in DIY spaces or staid concert halls. Think of him as a kind of switchboard for progressive music, connecting artists, venues and audiences, and helping foster a supportive scene for outside-the-box musicians.” - Christian Schaeffer for RFT
“After a long hibernation period, Larva Lou has been emerging into the light again as performer. She’s long been a point lady for visiting out-of-towner weirdos hitting up STL on their tour routes, thus helping keep the place a necessary hub for visionary scuzzballs of all stripes. Her own jams have been spread out into mutant beat oriented stuff, Gothic Noise blasts and honest and pure fogged songsmithery. A show not too long ago saw her play a set in a lit-up camping tent in a dark and crowded basement. Who knows what was going on in that tent, but it sounded like decaying Gregorian chants and heavily reverbed string pointillism. ” Matt Erickson for The Wire


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