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The Schlafly Tap Room
2100 Locust St. (at 21st) St. Louis, MO 63103 314-241-BEER x1

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ZIGTEBRA’s album “The Brave” is the bold marriage of linear, catchy, pure pop minimalism and new-fangled oddity/intrigue. Clean without being slick, bubbly without being trite, and full of thoughtful musings, all laid out within the bands own gaga, dragon-fruitish and ticklish aesthetic. Oh, and it’s full of love — If you don’t know what love is, you might get a clue from this album.”
SYNA SO PRO uses a multiplex of effects pedals, rack units, mixers, several instruments, and drum beats to create her live sound. It can best be described as musical performance art as she dances on an array of pedals, plays the violin, guitar, keys, bass and sings to create a wall of sound stitched together by Conaway herself. Focusing on the nerdery of intertwining melodies, chord progressions, and sonic sounds, Syna So Pro Syna blends the instruments together to create an aural ride that will etch itself in the minds of the listeners. Dubbed “A On Woman Musical Enigma”, Conaway’s live performances do not disappoint.
FATAL FLAWS makes darkwave indie pop full of emotions and cheesy synths. He opens this free show at 9 pm.

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