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Team Schlafly


  • Tom Schlafly

    Tom Schlafly

    Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board

    Tom Schlafly grew up in St. Louis and received his undergraduate and law degrees from Georgetown University. He is a partner at the St. Louis law firm Thompson Coburn LLP and serves on the boards of directors of Legg Mason Partners Equity Trust and Citizens National Bank of Greater St. Louis.  Tom serves on the boards of several not-for profit organizations, including The St. Louis Public Library and the CRUDEM Foundation, which operates a hospital in Milot, Haiti.  Tom is also a commentator for St. Louis Public Radio and the principal lyricist for The Courthouse Steps, a group of singing lawyers.

  • Steve Lineberry

    Steve Lineberry

    Chain Accounts Manager- 2015

  • Ryan Ackermann

    Ryan Ackermann

    Field Market Manager, STL- 2016

  • Gary Briggs

    Gary Briggs

    Territory Manager, West - 2006

    A California Transplant, Taqueria Critic and Certified Cicerone® .

  • Edward Corno

    Edward Corno

    Field Market Manager, STL- 2016

  • Jake Flick

    Jake Flick

    Field Market Manager, STL- 2015
    Northern Wisconsin transplant who loves local beers, his wife and daughter, and enjoys collecting vinyl records, carpentry and vintage stereo equipment. 

  • Dan Rogers

    Dan Rogers

    Field Market Manager- DC Metro- 2016

  • Blakelee Loft

    Blakelee Loft

    Territory Maanager, NY/NJ- 2016

  • Emily Cipolla

    Emily Cipolla

    Territory Manager, Chicago- 2016

  • Ben Sorofman

    Ben Sorofman

    Field Market Manager, STL- 2016

  • Ben Bruker

    Sales Operations Manager- 2017

  • Keith Moszczenski

    Keith Moszczenski

    Chief  Operating and Financial Officer-2013
    Enjoys hunting, fishing, and torturing his employees with action logs and spreadsheets. 

  • James Pendegraft

    James Pendegraft

    Chief Executive Officer-2015
    Our beardless leader 

  • Alisha Vianello

    Alisha Vianello

    Human Resources Manager - 2012

    Explorer, world traveler, Crossfitter, Runner, and animal lover

  • Sarah Crum

    Sarah Crum

    Senior Accountant- 2013

  • Lisa Bohme

    Lisa Bohme

    Administrative Assistant-2017

  • Wil Rogers

    Wil Rogers

    Brand Specialist- 2011

    Not originally from St. Louis, but considers St. Louis to be his home.

  • Stephen Hale

    Stephen Hale

    Ambassador Brewer- 1991

    A former chimney sweep, Latin teacher, and sea urchin diver, who moved to St. Louis from Maine to help open The Saint Louis Brewery.

  • Lo Dugan

    Lo Dugan

    Events Manager- 2014
    Lover of succulents, rad tunes, and all things local. Purveyor of fun, and proud mama to pitbull Ruby, & fluffy kitty Kiki.

  • Sarah Frost

    Sarah Frost

    Senior Graphic Designer - 2004

    In non-Schlafly life, is a sculptor and installation artist.  Her work has been exhibited in New York, Miami, Houston, Washington DC and Basel, Switzerland and also been featured in Juxtapoz, FRAME and Wired.

  • Lauren Mirelli

    Lauren Mirelli

    Marketing Assistant- 2015

  • Andy White

    Andy White

    Director of Restaurant Operations & Executive Chef - 2008


  • Nate Hogan

    Nate Hogan

    Tap Room General Manager- 2010

  • Adam Wagner

    Adam Wagner

    Tap Room Kitchen Manager - 2010

  • Paul Smith

    Paul Smith

    Tap Room Restaurant Manager- 2012

  • Jeff Handlan

    Jeff Handlan

    Bottleworks Restaurant Manager- 2014

  • Charles Orear

    Charles Orear

    Schlafly Bottleworks General Manager - 2004

    Working at Bottleworks gives him the opportunity to book the best musical talent in the region and has also allowed him to expand his beer knowledge by becoming BJCP and Cicerone® certified.

  • Tom Johnson

    Tom Johnson

    Lead Brewer-  2015

  • Jared Williamson

    Jared Williamson

    Lead Brewer - 2011

    A Taco Aficionado and upright and electric bassist.

  • Brian Beehn

    Brian Beehn

    Brewer - 2010

  • Emily Byrne

    Emily Byrne

    Bottleworks Brewer- 2015

  • Andy Favignano

    Andy Favignano

    Brewer- 2013
    Two time winner of the Chuck Norris Achievement in Excellence Award 

  • Chris Wolf

    Chris Wolf

    Brewer - 2013


  • Kyle Roden

    Kyle Roden

    Cellar Operator- 2015

  • Brian McBride

    Brian McBride

    Production Planning Manager - 2003

    Was born and raised in South St. Louis and has a Mechanical Engineering degree from UM-Rolla (now S&T). Is a proud 10 year resident of Maplewood.

  • Emily Parker

    Emily Parker

    Head of Brewing Operations- 2010

    Graduated from UC Davis in 2009 with a BS in Food Science and Technology and emphasis in Brewing. Loves her some BEER…and rum.

  • Matt McFarland

    Matt McFarland

    Bottleworks Project Manager- 2005
    Still bummed he spilled his Kool-Aid and didn’t get to ride on the comet.

  • Danny Kroeger

    Danny Kroeger

    Industrial Maintenance Technician- 2015

  • Emily Deuhring

    Emily Deuhring

    Quality Assurance Supervisor- 2016

  • Jake Paasch

    Jake Paasch

    Quality Assurance Specialist- 2016

  • Tony Rangel

    Tony Rangel

    Materials Handler - 2010

    Likes beer. Thinks beer is yummy.

  • Colin Atkinson

    Colin Atkinson

    Inventory Control & Warehouse Supervisor- 2014

  • Chris Berry

    Chris Berry

    Materials Handler- 2016

  • Colby Rizzo

    Colby Rizzo

    Packaging Shift Supervisor- 2016

  • Luke Plocher

    Luke Plocher

    Filler Operator- 2015

  • Dan Granda

    Dan Granda

    Packaging Operator- 2016

  • Matt Malisia

    Matt Malisia

    Packaging Shift Supervisor- 2016

  • Scott Burk

    Packaging Operator- 2017

  • Drew Hoffmann

    Packaging Operator-2017

Brewed in Saint Louis