Schlafly Beer. Brewed in St. Louis.
  • White Lager

    A lager with a cloudy golden-colored hue and just the right hop dosing. This rare style (Zwickel or Keller) dates back to the Middle Ages, where the beer was matured in deep vaults and emerged rich in vitamins. Think of this as a fresher, hoppier, Hefeweizen. 

  • Pilsner

    While on the lighter side, this exceptional example of a traditional pilsner is still rich in flavor with a medium-bodied malt character evened out by earthy aroumas, hop bitterness, and an  invigorationg crisp finish.

  • Hop Trail Calypso

    We begin the process by combining a base malt and single hop to create a simple SMASH beer. This brings out each ingredient quality, making the featured hop variety the true focus. Customer feedback is welcome in order to determine it’s future potential in our beers. 

  • House Brown

    Strong enough to  hold the interest of those needing a bold hop dosing, but smooth enough for those craving something slightly sweeter, our House Brown’s character appeals to any drinker with it’s American hops, malt and yeast.

The restaurant accepts reservations of 25 or less for all hours of business, except for Friday and Saturday after 5:00 p.m and during Beer Festivals. All reservations are forfeit if your party has not arrived by 15 minutes after your scheduled reservation.

We accept all major credit cards. Sorry, no personal checks. No separate checks, but multiple payments are accepted. Cake fee, $2 per person. Corkage fee, $12.

Hand-crafted in small batches