Schlafly Beer. Brewed in St. Louis.

What's Currently On Draft?

Just click these links to see what beer styles are on draft at the Schlafly Tap Room and Schlafly Bottleworks right now!

Every year, we brew over seventy styles of fresh Schlafly beer.  Whether bottled, canned, or exclusively available on draft, we have a unique style for every beer lover.

    Year-Round Series

    We brew and bottle five beer styles year round, with a focus on freshness and high quality ingredients. Our core year round offerings are our interpretations of some of the world's most enduring beer styles.

      Core Seasonal Series

      We brew and bottle six core seasonal beer styles over the course of the year. These seasonal styles are chosen to best complement the season of their availability. Two core seasonal styles are released each Summer, Fall, and Winter. St. Louis weather more or less skips straight from Winter to Summer, so we do as well.

        Special Release Series

        Our Special Release Series represents a seasonal lineup showcasing  beers with a focus on unique process and huge flavor. At any given time, two Special Release beers will be available, with one of them always being a Special Release IPA offering.

          Can Sessions

          These are beers with big flavor, trialed over the bar at our brewpubs in St. Louis and crafted to be both easy to drink and hard to resist. Packaged in 6-packs of cans, our Can Sessions Series can go where bottles can not.

            Wood Aged Series

            Our wood aged beers are stronger styles aged in either new oak barrels, freshly emptied bourbon barrels, or on a unique combination of toasted woodchips. Each year's offering has its vintage on the label, and its higher ABV makes these styles ideal for aging.

              Bottle Conditioned

              Our Bottle Conditioned Series highlights distinctive beer styles of Belgian and French heritage. Prior to bottling, we prime each batch with sugar and yeast to give the final beer its hallmark effervescence.

                Limited Edition

                Our Limited Edition Series beers are exclusive, small batch releases brewed and bottled at our original brewery in downtown St. Louis, The Schlafly Tap Room. Seasonally available and offered in limited supply.

                  Draft Only

                  Of the over 50 beer styles we brew each year, roughly half of them are exclusively available on draft at our two breweries and in limited supply at select bars and restaurants. While some of our draft only beers may be available throughout the year, most are seasonal or one-off releases.

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