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Live Music at the Schlafly Tap Room Questions & Facts

1958161138337786469532301164nAre You Interested in Performing Live at the Schlafly Tap Room? Here’s What You Should Know:

Have you been to the Schlafly Tap Room? Seen a show there?
  What shows?
  I ask because we aren’t a typical venue.
 We make great beer.
  We serve really good food.
  We host music on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in the North Bar downstairs.

We now have a PA, a stage, stage lights, monitors, “mains”, mics. stands, chords and a sound man. We aim for amazing shows, but are known to fluctuate from intimate to bizarre. We encourage bands to communicate with the others on their specific bill so that misunderstandings are eliminated before the night of the show and stage choreography between one act and another is as smooth and graceful as possible.

So, I ask: where have you played, who do you know, who have you played with?
  Why do you think someone would show up to YOUR show at the Schlafly Tap Room?

On top of that…know that I have been going to shows since 1988 and I did a radio show for seven years, so I know a lot of people.
…and here is the deal: we do three-hour gigs and I have a budget for $300/per bill.
  One hundred per band.  We don’t charge a cover and we don’t book cover bands (pun intended).
  Shows start at 9 and end at Midnight.
  I need to know if you are all of age to drink, of course.
  Given that, we offer two Schlafly pints per band member, plus employee-priced food and employee-priced beer after those first two.

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